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Posted on June 11, 2013 | Tags: , , ,

So how cool is this? Hard Rock is educational! Believe it. This kind of blew our minds when we first heard about it. Lindsay O., a 6th-grade teacher in California, has been a long-time fan of Hard Rock and Hard Rock pins. He wears a Hard Rock pin to school every day. So, it's only natural that he would incorporate this into his lesson plans and find a way to engage his students  on a level that we couldn't even dream of. How'd he do it, you ask? Good question. Read on!

For this particular assignment, Lindsay integrates geography, design, and writing into the same project, as students learn about a particular country. They are each assigned a country to research and write about. In some classrooms, that could probably get a little boring, but, in addition to writing about their country, Lindsay has the students design a Hard Rock pin. They'll use their research and incorporate things they've learned about their country into the design of the pin, such as the colors of the flag or a national landmark. Then, they'll write a blog post around what they've learned. One year, the students had to plan a 5-day trip through their country, including a stop at Hard Rock! Sounds like a great trip to us.

We just wanted to share this and give a big shout out to Lindsay O. and his class. You all rock!

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