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Posted on March 09, 2012 | Tags: ,

If you have stayed at a couple of different Hard Rock Hotels you might have noticed that while they all definitely feel like a Hard Rock, there are some differences too. Some are buzzing urban hubs. Others are laid back and focused on the pool and beach. And you might have observed that a few have colorful tables with people sitting at them holding playing cards. They don't just feel different, they sound different, too.

Tracks, Hard Rock's complimentary music program, continues to grow and evolve. Yes, we are up to Volume 6, and yes, we are now mobile and global. This time around we have venerable New York Latin label Fania and ascendant retro soul singer/songwriter/producer/all-around-awesome guy Mayer Hawthorne curating lists for your aural delectation. So let your ears dig in.

Find out more about .tracks, as well as the entire Sound Of Your Stay program by clicking here

Players Playlist

  1. The Edgar Winter Group – "Free Ride"
  2. The Romantics – "Talking In Your Sleep"
  3. .38 Special – "Hold On Loosely"
  4. Canned Heat – "Let's Work Together"
  5. The Beach Boys – "Louie Louie"
  6. Butch Walker & The Black Widows – "Synthesizers"
  7. Poison – "What I Like About You"
  8. Oberhofer –"Away Frm U"
  9. Hacienda – "Savage"
  10. Punches – "Can I Live"
  11. Moncarchy – "Gold In The Fire"
  12. Givers – "Meantime"
  13. Tribes – "When My Day Comes"
  14. The Fray – "Run For Your Life"

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