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07.25: On this day in 1958, Sonic Youth frontman and lead guitar player Thurston Moore was born. Sonic Youth. One of the most unknown popular bands of all time. They rock. Pure and simple. They friggin' rock. With Moore and Kim Gordon's melding of post-punk with alternative with avant-noise, they brought a sound that continues to ring our ears and rock our world in the best of ways. Though they never achieved the chart success of many of their '80s cohorts, they are still killing stages today, putting out head-turning albums, and generally just being genuine rockers.

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06.27: On this day in 1993, Lyle Lovett scored one for the everyman when he tied the knot with Julia Roberts. Yes, an odd combination, indeed, but just another in a long line of musician/celebrity marriages, as far as we're concerned. They played into the stereotype just as well as anyone else, with their "love 'em and leave 'em" attitude and their candle that burns twice as bright shtick. Everyone thinks it was Lyle that made out good with that relationship, but we say it was Julia because, well, Lyle is an awesome musician & singer and she is not.

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06.07: This day in 1960 witnessed the birth of one of the most unique talents in all of rock and funk, when Prince Rogers Nelson danced his way onto this earth. We adore Prince. We respect his unbridled talent more than, well, just about anyone, really. Whether we are listening to Dirty Mind, 1999, Purple Rain, or Sign O' The Times, we can't help but sit in rapt awe of the man and his music. We know he is a control freak, and has, in recent years, taken even his most ardent fans to task by having his legal team send out a plethora of cease-and-desist orders in regards to images of his royalness on any website save his own, but we still dig Prince. We don't have to like the man to appreciate his musical genius.

05.30: On this day in 1987, Ireland took over the US charts. U2 was No. 1 with “With or Without You” and Chris de Burgh scored one for every guy that’s met some girl at a bar and woke up the next morning wondering why she was in his bed with “Lady in Red”. Two very different songs, yet both of the '80s. Can you guess which one is our more favoritist? Yeah, we're big on that Bono guy. He's dreamy.

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