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The core of any charity organization is the people.  People that exhibit the passion of the cause and carry its torch every day.  The Hard Rock Heals Foundation, through its work with Musicians On Call, celebrates Jeremy Bar-Illan who, after losing his young son to cancer, turned his pain to passion and now brings joy to hospital patients year round.  Below is an excerpt from People.com’s human interest story featuring Jeremy and how volunteering with Musicians On Call results in healing of patients and volunteers, alike.    

Musician Jeremy Bar-Illan spent over a year watching his 17-year-old son, Zachary, suffer from osteosarcoma — a type of cancer that starts in the bones. After his tragic death, the grieving father vowed to always keep his son’s memory alive…

“Music was always my passion,” says Bar-Illan, himself a life long musician. who is from New York City. “The shock of losing my son was the incentive to say that life is too short and I can’t keep on doing something I detest. I needed to really find where I belonged.”

The last thing he expected was for that passion to bring him right back to the hospital.

After meeting a fellow guitar player, he learned about Musicians On Call, an organization that has been bringing live music to patient’s bedsides since 1999.

All it took was one visit and Bar-Illan was hooked.

“I was completely blown away by not only the experience of what music could do for the patients, but also by how much it filled me up and helped me go forward,” Bar-Illan says. “Instead of feeling like I couldn’t be there, it felt like I belonged there.”

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This past Saturday, Hard Rock Cafe Nashville hosted the Musicians On Call (MOC) Nashville 5th anniversary celebration with Martina McBride. What an absolutely extraordinary event! With only 150 tickets available to the public, the concert setting was perfect, Martina was amazing, and guests were brought to tears with MOC’s new video and to laughter from Martina’s jokes throughout the night. And to top it all off a young lady won the auction to sing on stage with Martina. What a great memory for all. And it all took place at the Hard Rock Cafe Nashville!

Musicians On Call was so kind to give the Cafe two VIP tickets, but instead of using them themselves, the Cafe wanted to give them to a family who may have needed a night away. So MOC helped them out in finding the family. They had such a wonderful time, and at one point Dad said he was brought to tears during Martina’s performance of “Anyway."

Overall, we have to say we are very blessed to have been a part of such an amazing evening and help Musicians On Call raised over $35k!

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