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Posted on December 04, 2012 | Tags: , , ,

Hard Rock Cafe Medellin recently hosted a little shindig with a musician named Monte Pittman. Who is Monte Pittman, you ask? Well, you might know his boss, the one-and-only Madonna. You read that right, Madonna. The biggest singer on the planet. We said it, and we'll stand by it. Monte's been Madonna's guitarist for over a decade, accompanying her on five world tours, shredding the stage (again, you read that right), every night. Madonna doesn't sing to backing tracks, and her music isn't electronically-created drivel. It's made to be played live and that's what Monte brings to the table.

After her recent show in Medellin, Monte came by Hard Rock to hang out, jam some tunes, and, generally, just have a good ol' time with a bunch of cool people. We just wanted to share some pics and thank Monte for coming by the Cafe to show everyone why he's Madonna's #1 shredder of choice.


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