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Hard Rock Cafe Nashville recently hosted a rockin' awesome Pinktober party featuring music superstars Kellie Pickler and Dierks Bentley, as well as a surprising-jump-on-stage-and-jam-some-songs by the incomparable Sheryl Crow. Raising money for the American Cancer Society, the sold-out event truly is the epitome of how we can all make a difference, no matter how large or small, in fighting cancer. We just wanted to thank everyone involved, everyone who came out for a great cause, and especially Kellie, Dierks, and Sheryl. It truly was an incredible night.

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Yep, you read that right. Dragons. In this case, it was ascendant rock band Imagine Dragons and the staff at the Cafe, as well as lucky-duck guests who stood in line for hours, weren't imagining anything. There was the band, ripping through a set of their songs, all acoustic-like and sounding awesome. We always dig it when a band takes its songs and reworks them, takes the songs and calms them down a bit within the parameters of an acoustic performance. We hate it when bands sound exactly like they do on record. If we wanted to hear that, we'd just listen to the record. That's why this performance rocked. Because Imagine Dragons rocks. Thanks to Hard Rock Cafe Detroit for hosting the show and sending up some pics to share.

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Hard Rock Cafe Denver recently hosted one of the country's hottest electro-pop-dance-punk bands (yes, that's a thing), Neon Trees. If you've never heard them or seen them live, you should seek them out. Now. Go ahead, we'll wait. They're worth it. Believe us.

Alright, now that you've done that, we just wanted to share some pics from Neon Trees' set and show you what you missed. Or maybe you were there and you didn't miss it. We don't know where you were. All we know is that we wanted to show you these pictures. There's always something happening at Hard Rock, whether you're there or not, so you should make it a point to be there. Now, check out Neon Trees:

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For real. How could they not rock the beach. Isn't Surfers just one big beach? Well, not quite, but it is very much associated with all things beachy, including rocking and rolling. That's where Hard Rock Cafe Surfers Paradise comes in. Recently, the city put on a "month-long celebration of Gold Coast art, culture, music and food," and Hard Rock was a big part of the music part of said celebration, sponsoring and hosting the main music stage for a little soiree we called "Hard Rock Rocks The Beach". Pretty catchy, isn't it? With sets by Hoodoo Gurus and Sneaky Sound System tearing up the stage, thousand upon thousands of people extolled the virtues of awesomeness that is Surfers Paradise. We just wanted to share some photos and show everyone who wasn't there what they were missing. Consider yourself jealous.

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Hard Rock Cafe Pittsburgh celebrated a decade of Rockin' The 'Burgh with a big 10th Anniversary party. The day-long event started at 8:30 A.M. (!) with a pin collectors breakfast and trading event that included the release of seven new pins. Then it was on to the Rock ‘n Roll with live music behind the Cafe in a specially constructed tent, dubbed the Decade Party Tent (named not only for the number of years in operation, but for the iconic music club in Pittsburgh that hosted the first performances of The Police, U2 and countless others). The tent kicked off with the acoustic trio, and 2012 Pittsburgh Hard Rock Rising winners, 3 Dudes Chillin'. They were followed by the 2012 Winter Rock Showcase winners Wine & Spirit, who rocked the crowd with a lively acoustic set while guests took special thank you photos in our Hard Rock photo booth and posed with our costumed Gene Simmons impersonator. The tent was capped off by the always entertaining Good Brother Earl. 

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Hard Rock rocks around the world. Believe it. No matter if you are in Tokyo, Berlin, or Santo Domingo, Hard Rock knows how to have fun. Case in point, speaking of Santo Domingo, the Cafe recently sponsored a concert in the middle of the city. What was it called? Hard Rock Rocks The City, naturally. Hosting one of Latin America's hottest bands, Calle 13, the concert proved to be, as any Hard Rock event does, an incredible time. We just wanted to share some pics and remind everyone that Hard Rock is more than just hamburger and music memorabilia. It's about experiences that rock.

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Admit it, you thought Harley Davidsons were a purely American passion, didn't you? While it is a distinctly American brand, the passion is something that has taken root the world over. Don't believe us? Well, believe this. Hard Rock Cafe Lisbon partied down with a bunch of Hog-lovin' people who'd gathered in the coastal town of Cascais, just a little ways west on the coast, about 30 minutes (by motorcycle, of course) from the Cafe, for the European H.O.G. Rally 2012. HRC Lisbon sponsored the main music stage and had a good ol' time just hanging out. We just wanted to share some photos and let you know about some of the cool stuff you're, or are not, missing out on. We don't know. Maybe you were there. If you were, we're pretty darn sure you had a blast.

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Hard Rock Cafe Bali seems to be a place that a bunch of bands want to play. You think it has anything to do with the fact that they are a.) in Bali, one of the most incredible countries on the planet or b.) that the fans at HRC Bali really know how to give back to the performers? We think it's both because there never seems to be dearth of excellent live music coming out of the Cafe.

Two examples right here. Scissor Sisters, one of the brightest new rock/pop/dance/glam bands to come around in the last ten years, and Vertical Horizon, a powerhorse (that's a word, right?) of a band that's not stopped touring since the early '90s, both graced the stage at the Cafe recently, showering the gathered masses with (dare we say? yes, yes we do dare) awesomeness. So, we just wanted to share a some photos (1st two are Scissor Sisters, next two are Vertical Horizon) with y'all and let you know what you're missing out on. Booking your vacation to Bali right now, aren't you? We are.

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The Mystery Lights traveled all the way to the Hard Rock Cafe Phuket in Thailand to perform their own brand of 1960's infused garage rock. Their debut album, "Teenage Catgirls and the Myster Lightshow", does all it can to try capture the raucous live show that these Salinas, California boys produce.

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Jay-Z's "99 Problems" covered as a bluegrass song???

Yes. A million times yes.  

Hugo is the English-born, Thailand-raised artist signed to Jay-Z's RocNation label. His music is described by RocNation as "gangsta-rock", but he describes it as "rock and roll in the age of hip hop". Combining Delta blues, rock, country, hip hop and pop, Hugo may appear to be an unusual fit for a hip hop/r&b label but his direct lyrical style and easy flow is an easy reminder of how hip hop grew from the blues.

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