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Posted on September 26, 2011 | Tags: , , , , , , ,

09.26: On this day in 2003, Robert Palmer died of a heart attack in Paris. Singer of such '80s iconic standards as "Addicted to Love" and "Simply Irresistible," Palmer enjoyed success in the '70s, '80's, & '90s, a veritable elder statesman in the world of pop and rock. Yeah, that video, you know the one, with the awesomely awesome guitar-weilding and drum-playing babes in tight black dresses and the brightest red lipstick, still has it.

09.27: On this day in 1947, Marvin Lee Aday was born. He would later go on to receive recognition as Meatloaf, a man who would do anything for love. Except, of course, that. Whatever that is. We've speculated over the years as to what that is. Could it be eating live bats like Ozzy? Or perhaps taking a role in a rock 'n' roll musical? Or wearing polyester? Or saying "Bloody Mary" three times in front of a mirror in a dark room? The options are endless.

Posted on July 11, 2011 | Tags: , , , ,

07.13: The world rocked all at the same time for charity, today in 1985. Live Aid took place simultaneously at JFK Stadium in Philadelphia and Wembley Stadium in London, raising millions of dollars for the needy in Ethiopia. Among the notable acts that played: The Who, David Bowie, Mick Jagger, U2, Madonna, and a monumental performance by the incomparable Queen. Organized by Boomtown Rats lead singer Bob Geldof (of the one hit wonder "I Don't Like Mondays" and the role of "Pink" in the film Pink Floyd's The Wall), Live Aid proved to be much bigger than anyone ever suspected it could be. It had been initially hoped that the shows would raise over a million dollars, but, when all was said and done, it raised over 150 million dollars. Not bad, Bob Geldof, not bad.

07.04: What a wonderful world, indeed, as American jazz great Louis Armstrong, or Satchmo, as we love to call him, was born on this day in 1900. One of the greatest  trumpeters and bandleaders during the big band and swing eras of jazz, inarguably the most popular time for jazz, Armstrong's amazingly raspy, deep, and smokey voice will, in our mind, forever reverberate through our heads with the tune "What A Wonderful World." What a great song and an amazing talent. For real, seek out his work, a greatest hits collection, whatever, and you will not be disappointed. Happy birthday, Louie. You are one of the original rock stars.

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