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06.20: The births of many a musician occured on this day. First up is Beach Boys mastermind Brian Wilson (seriously, we know it's de rigueur to shower praise on Pet Sounds, but Brian Wilson's insanse work ethic brought out the amazing in the whole group), born in 1942. Next, Lionel Richie didn't dance on the ceiling at first, but that didn't come too long after his birth on this day in 1949. Next, the scrubbed-from-Van-Halen-history (for real, they tried to replace him on the album art for Van Halen with Eddie's son, Wolfgang) bass player Michael Anthony took the stage for the first time on this day in 1954. Finally, Duran Duran's bassist extraordinaire, John Taylor, slapped his way into this world and, eventually, onto the world stage on this day in 1960. "Girls On Film" just wouldn't be the same without his slappy hands.

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Ya know, we say it all the time, but we mean it every time we say it: There's always something going on at Hard Rock! Believe it. Why, just recently, a couple lads from some band called Duran Duran (heard of 'em?) stopped by Hard Rock Cafe Denver for a nosh, a pint, and to totally rock out some very, very lucky people.

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