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Hard Rock is very proud to premiere the brand new video from Transit, "Young New England," a rollicking, good time & great friends song from the band's new album. And the video for "Young New England" just happened to be shot in and around Hard Rock Cafe Boston. Convenient! Check it out:

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Billy Corgan, that is. Billy The Maestro, as we like to call him. He of one of the biggest groups of the past 25 years, Smashing Pumpkins. In conjunction with 92.9, a local radio station, Hard Rock Cafe Boston hosted a "Breakfast With Billy" event. What, exactly is "Breakfast With Billy," you ask? That's a great question. Basically, Billy's on stage, being interviewed and answering audience questions about his life in music, his past, present, and future. Billy has a ravenous fan base, for good reason. He's always come across, at least to us, as a very cool cat, the kind you'd want to hang out with, have breakfast with, and maybe jam a little. Now, those in attendance didn't get to jam with him, but they got to ask questions, get stuff signed, and pose for pics with the rock 'n' roll superstar. Thanks for hanging out, Billy!

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When you think of country music, we'll bet that Boston may not be the first place that you think of. Granted it doesn't have the nitty-gritty "sharecropper" vibe of Memphis or the glitzy rhinestone cowboy glamour of Nashville, but Dierks Bentley and hundreds of his fans proved that good music will set up shop wherever it pleases. Far be it for Hard Rock to ever deny what the people want, so the crew at the Hard Rock Cafe Boston showed Mr. Bentley and the crowd that it's not just the South that knows a thing or two about hospitality. 

The cafe hosted a kick-ass party to celebrate the release of Dierks' seventh album. Entitled Home, it showcases his signature mischievous style, but manages to delve deeper with the title track which is about the good ole' US of A in all of her diverse glory. Along with a few hundred fans crammed into a cleared out Cafe, Dierks played an acoustic set accompanied only by a second guitar and a violinist. (Excuse me, a fiddler, this is country after all!) After the performance, Dierks was kind enough to take the time to sign a guitar for us to add to the ole' collection. Everyone had a great time, Dierks included, who raised his glass during his set and toasted the night.

To good music, good people and good times!  


Florence + The Machine, ascendant and soulful British rock band, graced the intimate stage at Hard Rock Cafe Boston for a very, very lucky group of loyal radio listeners. Who said radio is dead? When you can win tickets to a show like this, with only about 100 people in attendance, we'd listen to the radio 24/7 for a year. Well, that may be a bit of hyperbole, but Florence + The Machine really would be worth it. We just wanted to share a few photos from the show, in case, like most of us, you weren't there. For the ones who were there, just keep it to yourself.

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