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Posted on February 10, 2012 | Tags: , , , ,

Debbie Harry, who, in case you don't know because you a.) lived under a rock during the '70s and '80s or b.) weren't alive then or c.) don't know about the punk/new wave movement that lit the world on fire in the late '70s or d.) just don't care, was part of this little band called Blondie and had a couple hits and a huge influence on punk and rock and music itself, stopped by Hard Rock Cafe New York for a little get together in support of the Institute For Collaborative Education.

Students and faculty from the school also took part in the evening's festivities, showing of the music skills they've learned in class, as well as their natural talent in front of the microphone. Debbie jumped in on a couple collaborations with the kids, too, making for an incredible night of money raising fun. We just wanted to share some pics and thank everyone who came out in support, as well as the student and teachers and, of course, Ms. Debbie Harry for, well, just being awesome.

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