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Posted on May 31, 2012 | Tags: , ,

Ya know, not many restaurants can celebrate their 20th anniversary. Better than that, though, is that not many restaurants can celebrate their 20th anniversary and people will come out in droves to help them party down. You don't see that at your local TGIFriday's, do you? Ya know where you do see that? Hard Rock Cafe Berlin (or, really, any Hard Rock for that matter because our fans rock the world over), which recently did just that. Though the Cafe moved a few blocks a couple years ago from its original location, the Cafe's presence in this incredibly vibrant city has never gone away, not even for one day. The transition from original to new location was seamless, and the communities support has never waned.

We just wanted to share some photos from the party. Wish we could've been there because we know it was a good time. Check 'em out:

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