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05.16: On this day in 1990, another member of the Rat Pack passed. Sammy Davis Jr. was 64 when he died of throat cancer.

05.17: On this day in 1965, his industrial majesty Trent Reznor was born. We still remember the first time we witnessed "Head Like A Hole" on the MTV. We know it wasn't the first industrial song, the first industrial video, and that Trent didn't invent industrial music, but it still rocked our world and opened our mind to that merging of electronic, metal, and factory noise that is industrial music. And, if that first album, Pretty Hate Machine, was the first salvo in bringing industrial to our ears, it was his next album, the insanely detailed, dense and dark The Downward Spiral, that really solidified Trent's vision in our minds. The man is a composer of industrial metal awesomeness and today we celebrate his entry into this world. Huzzah!

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