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Jeff Nolan, Hard Rock's extremely eminent, insanely knowledgeable, and just downright handsome historian, has been so kind at to put together his thoughts on the year in music, 2013. And...here...we...go!


2013 has come and gone, leaving a fetid stain of rehashed ‘80s synth pop, electro-disco bleatings, corporate post-grunge and pretentious Americana performed by people who seem the think that repeated viewings of their dad’s VHS copy of The Last Waltz gives them depth. Kids are buying freakin’ BANJOS these days for cryin’ out loud. Pedal your fixed-gear bike off my lawn.

That said, here are my picks for best albums of 2013:

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Hard Rock Cafe Oslo recently had the amazing, awesome, and incredible honor of hosting a pre-party and after-party for the one and only Motörhead! The guys were in town for a show, naturally, and, as always, were looking for a cool place to hang out, have some beers, jam a little, and meet some great people. HRC Oslo has that in spades, so it, of course, is the place for Lemmy, Mikkey, and Phil.

As it turns out, Victory Motorcycles had a little present for the guys, too. Well, actually, three presents, one for each of 'em: a custom Victory motorcycle. Man, it must be nice to be a rock star! We heard that the guys hung out until after 4 in the morning, carousing and having a good ol' time. We wish we coulda been there. We got these pics, though, so we wanted to share them with you, so that you, along with us, can live vicariously through them and pretend that you were having a beer with Lemmy and listening to them jam all night long at Hard Rock Cafe.

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