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Posted on November 25, 2013 | Tags:

11.25: On this day in 1984, a supergroup of mostly U.K. musicians got together for a monumental 24-hour recording session to benefit famine relief in Ethiopia. The superdupergroup, known as Band Aid, led by founder and organizer Bob Geldof (him who doesn't like Mondays and him who played the fictional rocker "Pink" in the filmed version of The Wall), busted out a singular single titled "Do They Know It's Christmas?" Not only did they not know that it is Christmas, but they couldn't have cared less because, ya know, the people most affected by the famines had other things on their minds besides crass commercialism and Atari 2600s. So, no, they didn't know it was Christmas, but we're sure they probably appreciated the outpouring of help and funds resulting from the single, even if they didn't know from whence or why it came. Band Aid, of course, directly or indirectly led to raising much-needed awareness to the famine in Ethiopia, Live Aid, "We Are The World", "That's What Friends Are For", and celebrities stating their opinions on world matters from the comfort of their celebrity. Yes, we're a little flummoxed by the duality of the self-righteousness involved with and the awareness raised by the project, but we'll take what we can get with this kind of thing. For all the egregiousness against our ears and music sensibilities, we're still very appreciative that this project happened, that it led to other worthwhile projects, and that we live in a country that allows us to change the channel, so that we'll never have to actually listen to the song ever again.

We have all seen images of the tragic devastation in the Philippines caused by Typhoon Haiyan, one of the most powerful typhoons ever recorded. The reports from relief workers on the ground are that of immense destruction, an official death toll that is on the rise and of survivors who do not have access to adequate food, water or shelter. Only now are relief efforts still making their way into the country and providing support for our extended friends and family in the Philippines.

In times like this our motto - ALL IS ONE - resonates with even more impact than in our typical day-to-day lives and operations, and as clear as the words on our walls, helps dictate our actions as Hard Rockers.  To support the relief and recovery efforts in the Philippines please click the below image.  ALL IS ONE.

Posted on November 19, 2013 | Tags:

Hard Rock Cafe Anchorage is “Calling All Artists” to help put an Anchorage mark on the cafe’s Rock Shop. From Wednesday, November 20 through Friday, December 6, “Calling All Artists” asks residents to enter your artwork for the chance to have their design featured on a limited-edition Hard Rock Cafe Anchorage grand opening t-shirt and collectable pin.

Posted on November 18, 2013 | Tags:

11.18: On this day in 1994, The Rolling Stones became the first band to broadcast a streaming concert over that fandangled Interweb thingamajig. Heralding the coming of a new dawn, the Age of Aquarius became a distant memory, as the computers, thanks to Mick and the boys, quickly learned how to rock and, subsequently, took over Earth. Bow to your rockin' computer overlords!

11.18: On this day in 1962, Kirk Hammet was born. Originally one of the co-founders of San Francisco Bay-area thrash metal band Exodus, Hammet would, in 1983, take over lead guitar duties in an up-and-coming L.A. metal band going by the distinctly metal name of Metallica, when Dave Mustaine was kicked out (supposedly for being abusive and a drunk) just before the recording of their first album (Kill 'Em All). And the rest is history. For all intents and purposes, Hammet is the only lead guitar player on all of Metallica's recorded material. Though Mustaine would later complain about how Hammet merely played the guitar licks that'd been written before he came on board, there is no doubt that Hammet is an excellent guitar player, helping the band slowly build their fanbase one album at a time, from early masterpieces (Ride The Lightning & Master Of Puppets) to chart breakthroughs (...And Justice For All & Metallica). 

Posted on November 14, 2013 | Tags:
Posted on November 11, 2013 | Tags:

11.11: On this day in 1969, Jim Morrison’s boisterous and drunken behavior on a flight from Los Angeles to Phoenix landed him in jail. Apparently, he was taking a break from his indecent exposure trial in Miami to attend a Rolling Stones concert in Phoenix, after stopping off in LA. The man just wanted to see The Stones, for goodness sake! Can't a man have some drinks and fun on his way to a Stones show? Guess not, as he was arrested, like so many other times, for being drunk and disorderly. We miss ya, Jimbo.

11.12: On this day waaaaaay back in 1955, Billboard magazine ushers in "The Top 100." That's right, another music chart. More charts than you can shake a stick at! Go ahead, just try to shake that stick. You can't. The Top 100, based on sales and radio play, eventually replaced the three charts that'd preceded it, those based on airplay, jukebox play, and disc jockey play. The Top 100 eventually became The Hot 100, which remains, to this day, an all-inclusive, genre-bending barometer for, well, a song's hotness. What was the first #1 song on that Top 100 chart way back in 1955? You get a lollipop if you remember, or even know, "Love Is A Many Splendored Thing" by The Four Aces.

Posted on November 04, 2013 | Tags:

11.04: On this day in 1970, the art of 80’s pop sampling found their leader. Sean John Combs, aka Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Diddy, Puffy, etc., was born. We like to call him "PuhDiddy", but that's just us and we'd never say it to his face. We're not even sure what he goes by these days. Remember when Ol' Dirty Bastard used to change his name? We think Diddy should crib one of those laid-to-rest names. Instead of Big Baby Jesus (our favorite ODB nickname), Diddy could be Big Baby Diddy. Or instead of Dirt McGirt (our second favorite ODB nickname), Diddy could be Dirt McDiddy. Man, we could play this game all day, but we have work to do. What new Diddy names can you come up with?

11.05: On this day in 1959, Bryan Adams was born. You can insert your own jokes here, but we shall refrain. Mr. Adams is the quintisenntial '80s and early '90s rocker. Though we can't name any song after "Everything I Do, I Do It For You," we still appreciate Bryan Adams' gruff voice, working-man style, and Cannuck charm. And we thank him for "Summer Of '69." Really. We still dig that song. It takes us back. Ah, the '80s. We probably haven't heard anything from him in a while because he's chillin' comfortably atop his pile o' cash and doesn't have to do anything ever again. If you see him, tell him we said "Hey."

"This is a beautiful step towards world peace. By Imagining There's No Hunger, like what John sang in his song, we express our strong desire to bring a world in which children will never again suffer from hunger or poverty. Let's come together and help spread this message around the world." -Yoko Ono Lennon

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We want to say THANK YOU to you the member of AAA, CAA, ARC Europe or one of the many other auto clubs that partner with Hard Rock Cafe! Launching on November 1st and continuing until December 21st, we will be offering a 20% off discount on food, non-alcoholic beverages, and non-charity merchandise.

But wait... THERE'S MORE!

Not only can you save 20% during the holidays at a Hard Rock Cafe, but you also will be able to earn Hard Rock Reward points on your food, beverage, and retail purchases.  If you are not a member yet of our Hard Rock Rewards program, please sign up here: http://bit.ly/AAARewards before you visit a cafe! This way you get double the REWARDS!

This offer will be valid in all of our Company Cafes in North America and Europe, but also at the Franchise Cafes in Hamburg, Moscow, Nabq, Dubai, Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, Aruba, Panama and our four Nordic Cafes in Oslo, Gothenburg, Stockholm and Helsinki.

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