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You still have time to bid on one of the one-of-a-kind painted Uke's to support Pinktober.  For more info click here.  ALL IS ONE.

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World Class Entertainment Destination To Be Located In Kenosha

Orlando, Fla. – October 10, 2013 – Hard Rock International – owner of one of the world’s most iconic and recognized brands – announced today its alliance with the Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin to develop, brand and manage their proposed regional entertainment destination located in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The proposed project would be developed in conjunction with the Osceola Group out of Naples, Fla., and designed to draw visitors from throughout the region. The project is expected to create more than 5,000 direct and indirect jobs in addition to generating significant economic benefits for the state of Wisconsin, including an estimated 600 million total in projected payments to the state over the course of the pre-approved compact with the state.

Hard Rock International is thrilled to collaborate with the Menominee Tribe to create a true regional entertainment destination, which will become an important economic engine for the Menominee and Wisconsin,” said Jim Allen, chairman of Hard Rock International. “We look forward to lending our global recognition, strong financial capabilities and proven experience to this project.

Hard Rock is an internationally recognized, value-added brand known for high quality offerings and world-class entertainment by people across the globe,” said Craig Corn, chairman of the Menominee Tribe. “Bringing Hard Rock to Wisconsin and adding them to our team greatly elevates the excitement around this project and will make it even more attractive and successful as an entertainment destination, particularly to people visiting from Illinois and beyond.

To kick off Pinktober, the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando hosted a very special "Velvet Sessions" with Artist Ambassador Bret Michaels.


The Hard Rock Cafe in Orlando collaborated with the students at Full Sail University to create an incredible display of Pinktober spirit!

To learn more about how you can support Breast Cancer Research & Awareness click here.


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10.07: Johnny Cougar, John Cougar Mellencamp, and John Mellencamp were all born on this day in 1951. Yes, they are all one in the same, three different sides of the same person, one of the most American of American musicians of the past 35 years, the embodiment of him who loves little pink houses, singing about Jack and Diane, and reminiscing about living in small towns. Joining Mr. Mellencamp for a birthday on this day, Thom Yorke, frontman of, arguably, one of the most esoterically popular rock bands, Radiohead, to ever grace a stage, crept into this world on this day in 1968.

10.07: Speaking of Dark Side Of The Moon, Pink Floyd's masterpiece fell off the Billboard Hot 200 charts on this day in 1988. Don't feel too bad for the boys, though, because it'd been entrenched there for a little while. 741 weeks to be exact. Yeah, that's right. Dark Side Of The Moon spent a total of 14 years and 3 months on the charts! Holy crap!

10.09: Today is a double dose of Lennon. John (1940) and his son Sean (1975) were both born on this day. Imagine that. We miss John. Still. He'd be 73 today, but we can envision him still going strong, voicing his opinions like it seems no one else can, and making music that matters. Or maybe he'd have gone the way of so many others, performing oldies shows and being solely remembered for his past achievements. Somehow, we doubt that scenario, though. Happy birthday, John, wherever ye may be.

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10.01: Jimi Hendrix found his bass player, Noel Redding, on this day in 1966. Joining Hendrix and Redding, shortly thereafter, Mitch Mitchell rounded out The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Though they would only put out three official albums and last for less than three years, the band remains one of the most influential of the '60s rock era, in no small part because of Hendrix himself, but also due to the rapport between Hendrix, Redding, and Mitchell.

10.01: Coming full circle, Jimi Hendrix was buried on this day in 1970 in Seattle, Washington, where he was born. His death was the first of three that would effectively end the '60s bright glow. All dying from drug- or alcohol-induced causes, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Jim Morrison each only made it to the tender age of 27. Hard to believe, with the way their influence still holds today, that they didn't even make it three decades in this world. R.I.P., Friends.

10.01: A new music-related TV show debuted on this day in 1971. Soul Train showcased R&B and soul artists and, as the '80s kicked in, was one of the first to showcase hip-hop artists. Introducing many people to music they might not have otherwise been exposed to, Soul Train continued on the air for 35 years, until 2006 when production of new shows shut down.

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