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05.08: On this day in 1990, a Los Angeles court awarded singer/songwriter Tom Waits $2.5 million, upholding his claim that the Frito-Lay corporation unlawfully used a Tom Waits sound-alike in promotions for their Salsa Rio Doritos Chips. What advertising company in its right mind uses a Tom Waits sound-alike to hock anything? Don't get us wrong, we adore Tom Waits, but his voice isn't for everyone. Actually, his voice is something only a mother or true fan could love. It is distinct and gritty and awesome. It's just not the most natural voice-over when you're trying to sell bags of chips. A pack of smokes, maybe. A bottle of bourbon, for sure. But chips? Really, Doritos?

05.09: On this day in 1949 the Piano Man, Billy Joel, was born. We heard he came out playing a piano, that's how destined he was to be The Piano Man. We're not sure if that story is true or if we just made it up right now.

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The Local Amnesty International Chapter in Thailand collaborated with the Hard Rock Cafe in Bangkok to support the U2 "Signature Series" Program, in support of Amnesty International.  THIS SHIRT DEFENDS HUMAN RIGHTS - to purchase please click here.  ALL IS ONE.

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As some of you may know, and some of you may not, we started a record label last year: Hard Rock Records. So far, we've got two bands on the label, Rosco Bandana and Flashlights (who've just released their first EP on Hard Rock Records; check 'em out by clicking here!) with a few more waiting in the wings for their time in the spotlight. You might've read the press release or visited the website, but we wanted to delve a little deeper into the label and the reasoning behind its creation. So, we sat down with James Buell, Co-Head of A&R with Blake Smith, and talked to him about Hard Rock Records.

  1. What was the impetus for the creation of Hard Rock Records?

    Music and philanthropy have always been at the core of what we do and this felt like the natural progression for us.  Hard Rock Records gives us another avenue to connect with fans and artists alike.  And we’re able to find musicians who inspire us and give them the tools to pursue their dreams.  Which is really the coolest part.

Bite a Legendary™ Burger, Snap a Picture, Post it Socially and Win a Trip to
Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Punta Cana Every Day in May

The hamburger has long been considered America’s unofficial food, and since its founding by two Americans in London more than 40 years ago, Hard Rock Cafe has served as a burger ambassador – bringing its “Legendary” selection of delectable American burgers to 57 countries around the world.

To celebrate National Burger Month this May, Hard Rock surveyed fans around the globe to determine international burger-eating habits and gain some insights as to why this American-staple has become an international favorite.

State of the Burger – Statistics

  • One for the money, two for the show ... 73 percent of people surveyed eat at least one and up to five burgers per month
  • Cheese please … 22 percent of fans cited cheese as their favorite burger topping, with Cheddar being the top cheese of choice for more than 55 percent of respondents (a shocking upset for American cheese lovers everywhere)
  • International relations … the American burger is best suited for a French companion with 60 percent of those asked naming the French fry as their burger’s perfect mate  (a mild surprise to shake lovers)
  • Buns won … even in a carb-conscious world 89 percent of respondents wouldn’t think of enjoying a burger without a bun
  • Well played … 30 percent of burger connoisseurs surveyed prefer their burger cooked medium-well – with a slight pink center  
  • Legendary griller … 26 percent of fans thought Bon Jovi would be perfect to man the burger grill at a summer-concert tailgate – beating out musical competitors like Justin Timberlake  and Beyonce

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