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St. Mary’s is New York’s largest and most experienced provider of long-term care to children with medically complex conditions.  Based in New York City, St Mary's is the only state-of-the-art post-acute care facility for children in the area and provides care from children all around the world.  To learn more about how you can help click here.  To learn more about the Hard Rock / i Heart Radio Music Environment in the new facility click here.  ALL IS ONE.

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04.09: On this day in 1997, hard rock group Soundgarden announced their breakup. Born out of the rock scene in Seattle, Washington, the band is best known for radio hits “Spoonman” and “Black Hole Sun”. 2010, however, saw the announcement that the band would be getting back together for a reunion. They played a handful of shows, including a headlining spot at Lollapalooza in Chicago. In early 2011, the band announced the release of their first ever live album, plus a new studio album, which saw the light of day in 2012 and also saw the headling Hard Rock Calling in London's Hyde Park. We were stoked to bask in live Soundgarden again. Even though they've been lumped in with the Seattle grunge bands, Soundgarden is really a hard rock/metal band. They were doing their thing long before Pearl Jam or Nirvana formed, and they had their sound solidified by the time the scene exploded in late '91. Soundgarden rocks every which way and loose.

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Now in it's 38th year, WhyHunger continues to build the movement to end hunger and poverty in this country and around the world. This annual dinner will be a music-filled celebration of the work of partners and friends and will recognize Yoko Ono Lennon, Patrick Sullivan and RightsFlow, and this year’s Harry Chapin Self Reliance Award Winners. The lineup of musical guests will be announced in the coming weeks. For more info click here.  TAKE TIME TO BE KIND.

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Hard Rock Cafe Honolulu "Local Ambassadors" went to Shriner’s hospital to spread the aloha with the patients. For to support Shriner's Hospital in Honolulu click here. Mahalo - ALL IS ONE.

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04.03: On this day in 1969 Jim Morrison turned himself over to the FBI on six charges of lewd behavior and public exposure at The Doors March 1st Miami show from that same year. Though nobody is really sure what happened the night of the concert, the authorities in attendance didn't seem to find anything wrong with the show, other than Jim's general lack of enthusiasm for being there. Many police even hung out backstage after the show, yukkin' it up and having a good time. It wasn't until a review of the show appeared in the Miami Herald two days later, stating that Morrison had exposed himself (nobody really saw anything, but Jim said he exposed himself, asking the crowd, "Did you see it?") and hurled indecent epithets about the auditorium, that the good ol' decency patrol really got their motors revving. With the cops having to explain why they just sat around and let Morrison expose himself and attempt to incite a riot, the city of Miami hastily issued an arrest warrant for The Lizard King. He'd eventually be put on trial and found guilty of profanity and indecent exposure. This incident would prove to be the beginning of a very tumultuous time for The Doors, leading to the cancellation of many shows, to long breaks from recording (they'd still put out, however, Morrison Hotel and L.A. Woman), to Jim's ramping up of his spoken word recordings, and to Jim eventually moving to Paris in March of '71, to escape everything that'd been going. He died in Paris four months later, of a drug overdose.

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