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  • World-class development will create iconic and authentic destination resort property and enhance the area’s event and exhibition industry
  • Unique organizations with strong legacy of philanthropy, entertainment and tourism
  • Major economic program to drive revenue, jobs and impact throughout Western Massachusetts region

Orlando, Fla. Jan. 11, 2013 -- Hard Rock International – owner of one of the world’s most recognized, iconic brands – announced today their submittal of an application and a $400,000 non-refundable application fee to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission for the development of HARD ROCK HOTEL & CASINO NEW ENGLAND to be located in West Springfield, Mass., on the campus of Eastern States Exposition (ESE).  The single-phased resort property would be created on a dedicated 38-acre area of the ESE’s eastern parcel, as a keystone enhancement to the largest, most popular visitor destination in the region.

We’re thrilled to be working with ESE, who brings years of experience in the entertainment business and the most desired location to our company and brand. With 38 acres to develop, the project allows us to build today and grow tomorrow,” said Jim Allen, chairman of Hard Rock International. “We’re proud to announce this project and concurrently submit our application. We are confident that together, with ESE, the Town of West Springfield and neighboring Western Massachusetts communities, the new resort will positively impact the State’s economy and redefine the entertainment experience in Massachusetts.

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So, you walk into any Hard Rock Cafe or Hard Rock Hotel, and there are a few things that immediately jump out at you. You might check out, for instance, how awesome the place is, how it's filled with music and people actually having fun. Or you might head to the Rock Shop to pick up your favorite collectors item. Or you might notice all of the music memorabilia on the walls, those instruments, photos, gold records, and outfits collected over the last 40+ years and highlighting the last 60 years of music from around the world. How does all of the memorabilia get on the walls? Where does it come from? Is there a method to the madness? Yes. Yes, there is.

You'd think it would be easy to take a hundred or so of the memorabilia items we have on hand, tack them to a wall, and call it a day, but there's a lot more that goes into designing the memorabilia installations at each and every Hard Rock location. Whether it's a Cafe in Belgium or a Hotel in Singapore, Hard Rock's memorabilia designers spend months working on a single location. We talked with memorabilia designer David Holle about this process.

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Dia Frampton, formerly of indie rock band Meg & Dia (with her big sister) and runner-up on American television singing competition The Voice, recently stopped by Hard Rock Cafe Singapore for an intimate show, packed to the rafters with some very dedicated fans. Running through material from Meg & Dia, as well as a bunch of her solo stuff, Dia held the crowd in the palm of her hand and took them on a ride they would not soon forget. The Singapore Cafe has always been a great place for locals to see some bands and performers they wouldn't otherwise get to check out, so many jumped at the chance to see Dia. We just wanted to share some pics and give a big "Thank You!" to Dia for being such a sweetheart, for being such an incredible performer. You rock!

ORLANDO, Fla., Jan. 7, 2013 - Hard Rock International continues its commitment to emerging musicians of tomorrow with this year's Hard Rock Rising, the world's largest and most far-reaching battle of the bands competition. Hard Rock Rising supports the musical careers of aspiring artists around the globe by giving one local band the opportunity of a lifetime – participate in a World Tour at Hard Rock Cafe locations, film a music video, record an album with Hard Rock Records and receive $10,000 in new gear.

"Hard Rock is eager to uncover another pool of budding talent and provide them with an international stage to showcase their talents," said John Kirkpatrick , Head of Music & Artist Relations, Hard Rock International. "More than 12,000 bands entered Hard Rock Rising and nearly one million votes were cast by fans around the globe in 2012 – we hope the continued success of this program will catapult an emerging band to success and introduce their sound to Hard Rock's worldwide audience."

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01.08: What a few coupla days for music-related birthdays! Today, in 1935, The King himself, Mr. Elvis Aaron Presley came into this world in Tupelo, Mississippi. Joining him for a birthday today are The White Duke, David Bowie (1947), and one Mr. Robert Sylvester "R." Kelly (1969), best known for being trapped in a closet and some other incidents we'd rather not mention.

01.09: Songbird Joan Baez flew into this world, and into, eventually, many a dirty hippy's heart, on this day in 1941. While her music and words are held in high esteem by many within the music community, many consider them to be fluff and her delivery to be grating. We dig her. Nuff said on that. We're celebrating another birthday today, as well, and we totally dig the fratastic stylings of one Mr. David John "Dave" Matthews who danced, very goofily, we might add, into this plane of existence on this day in 1967, in a little town known as Johannesburg, South Africa. Yeah, we know, it's not cool, in many music circles, to like Dave Matthews Band, but we do, so nanny, nanny, boo, boo, and get over yourself.

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Hard Rock Cafe Opens In The Heart of Guatemala City

Guatemala City, Guatemala, January 2, 2013 – Hard Rock is continuing to spread the message of rock around the globe, and now the famous brand rocks its way to Guatemala!  Hard Rock International today announced the opening of the first Hard Rock Cafe location in Guatemala in the heart of the country’s capital of Guatemala City.  Located in Zone 10, 1st Avenue and 13th Street in the new Dubai Center, Hard Rock Cafe Guatemala City will undoubtedly be a must-see for both visitors and locals.

The 1,200-square-meter cafe includes seating for 320, an upscale contemporary bar, live concert space that will feature Guatemala City’s unique local music scene, an outdoor terrace and Rock Shop.  Memorabilia from Hard Rock’s iconic collection adorns the walls of Hard Rock Cafe Guatemala City, including items from legendary and contemporary musicians from around the world.

Guests will be able to see a custom nylon tour jacket given by Elvis Presley to his then-girlfriend, Ginger Alden, who has gone down in music history as the misfortunate one to discover The King had passed away in his Graceland home. The cafe’s collection also includes the pants worn by Shakira during her 2010-2011 “Sale El Sol” tour, which was in support of her seventh album that she described as going back to her brand of global Latin/rock fusion roots. Also on display is an outfit worn onstage by late drummer Eric Carr of KISS who tragically passed away in 1991 due to cancer. Other key memorabilia items featured include: Madonna’s biker jacket; an outfit worn by will.i.am of Black Eyed Peas; a left-handed Cordoba classical guitar played by Andre Reyes of Flamenco-pop group Gipsy Kings; an Alvarez Yairi acoustic guitar played by Graham Nash; and much more.

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12.31: Okay, let’s go back in the Way Back Machine. We’re going back to the early ‘80s, a time before the fandangled interweb thingamajiggy, upon which you find yourself this very second, a time when, compared to now, the music business seemed small, almost quaint. It was before the rise of alternative rock, before the term “hip-hop” entered the lexicon and most people just called it “rap music,” before MySpace and YouTube, a time when you owned a record player, a boom box, or were still relegated to Super 8s (look it up). Michael Jackson made people take notice for his music not his life and Madonna struggled to get her nascent name on the tips of everyone’s mind. In 1983, a little band from Sheffield, England, came out with an album called Pyromania and the world exploded in awesomeness. Def Leppard blended the metal of the previous decade (Black Sabbath, Judas Priest) with the melodic sense of theater that came from glam rock (David Bowie, T.Rex). Def Leppard owned the term “hard rock” in the ‘80s. Pyromania launched them into the stratosphere of popularity, on the propulsion of songs like “Photograph” and “Die Hard The Hunter.” Def Leppard tied themselves to the mast of the then-new MTV, as it sailed the musical seas, and they never looked back. Okay, what does this have to do with this day in rock history? Well, kiddoes, on this day in 1984, Rick Allen, Leppard’s shirtless drummer extraordinaire, flipped his car going around a corner at very, very high speeds and, in the ensuing crash, lost his arm. Well, he didn’t actually lose it. It was found in the field by paramedics. Ewww. They even reattached it. Okay, that's cool. Then they sawed it off again due to infection. Double ewwww. Man, way to mess with a guy, doctor dudes. Kinda like the ol’ “I got yer nose” trick people play with kids, except they were doing it with a guy’s arm, and they weren’t pretending. Anyhoo, Allen didn’t give up the drumming gig and went on to help Def Leppard close out the ‘80s by drumming (with a special kit, of course) on Hysteria, the equally popular follow-up to Pyromania, which featured the best stripper song ever, “Pour Some Sugar On Me.”Man, we love that song. Thanks for not giving up on music, Rick.

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What a way to bring in the new year! Hard Rock Cafe Budapest showed its support of Imagine There's No Hunger, Hard Rock's annual program to raise money and awareness for hunger and poverty worldwide, by hosting the biggest free concert the city had ever seen. It's cold out? Get over it! With snow on the ground and fire in their hearts, the Cafe crew helped make the day and night something really special for the gathered thousands. Fireworks? Check. Rock band? Check. Great times? Double check. It really was an incredible event, as the entire Cafe, as well as a good chunk of the city, got involved in Imagine There's No Hunger. It's a great cause, near and dear to our heart, so we just wanted to thank all those involved and share some pics from the event. You all rock!

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Hard Rock International Opens Enrollment for New Global Loyalty Program

Orlando, Fla. – Hard Rock International – known as one of the world’s most iconic and beloved brands – today announced the launch of its new global loyalty program, Hard Rock Rewards™, a unified guest affinity program allowing customers to earn points redeemable for rewards when they stay and play at participating Cafes, Rock Shops, Hotels and Casinos worldwide. The program is free to join and provides music-loving members around the world with exclusive privileges, offers, perks and benefits – including the chance to win one of a kind experiences that rock, such as an all-expense paid trip to London for Hard Rock’s legendary music festival, Hard Rock Calling.

Hard Rock Rewards is the answer to the cry of our raving fans,” said John Galloway, chief marketing officer of Hard Rock International. “As a company that provides more than 79 million guest experiences each year across a rapidly growing network of venues in 55 countries, we’re thrilled to implement a program that allows us to truly support Hard Rock’s loyal fans on their journey around the world.

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