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Hard Rock Cafe Medellin recently hosted a little shindig with a musician named Monte Pittman. Who is Monte Pittman, you ask? Well, you might know his boss, the one-and-only Madonna. You read that right, Madonna. The biggest singer on the planet. We said it, and we'll stand by it. Monte's been Madonna's guitarist for over a decade, accompanying her on five world tours, shredding the stage (again, you read that right), every night. Madonna doesn't sing to backing tracks, and her music isn't electronically-created drivel. It's made to be played live and that's what Monte brings to the table.

After her recent show in Medellin, Monte came by Hard Rock to hang out, jam some tunes, and, generally, just have a good ol' time with a bunch of cool people. We just wanted to share some pics and thank Monte for coming by the Cafe to show everyone why he's Madonna's #1 shredder of choice.


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Hard Rock's Executive Chef, Jason Gronlund, works out of HQ, where we have a full production kitchen set up, ready for anything he might throw at it. There's a lot of experimentation with different ingredients, techniques, and recipes before a new menu item shows up at your local Hard Rock Cafe. It's a huge process, full of successes and failures, but for someone who loves to cook as much as Chef Gronlund it's also an incredible job to have.

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12.03: This day, 1948, the Prince of Darkness (no, not that Prince of Darkness) joined the world. Ozzy Osbourne, nee John Michael Osbourne, grew up in the working class neighborhood of Aston in Birmingham, England. Along with schoolmate Tony Iommi, Osbourne formed the band that would eventually become the progenitors of heavy metal, the greatest heavy-blues band (yes, you heard us, heavy blues) in the world, Black Sabbath. Informed by their roots, their city, and their need to differentiate themselves from all the gooey, dirty-hippy psychedelic rock of the era, Sabbath brought something new to the table, something that critics hated, but that people connected with immediately. They sounded like nothing that'd come before them. There've been other bands credited with being the birth of metal, but Sabbath, in our humble opinion, is heavy metal, is the one band that brought it all together, that included heavy riffs with eerie vocals with lugubrious rhythm with lyrics darker than Armageddon. In Sabbath's albums you hear every metal band that came after them, and, conversely, in every metal band that’s come after them, you hear Sabbath. Even if a metal band's not influenced by Sabbath (which, to us, doesn't compute, but, we guess, could happen), they've been influenced by a band that was dedicated to the amazing darkness that Ozzy, Tony, Geezer, and Bill thrust upon the world. What a different world this would be without the birth of Ozzy Osbourne, The Godfather of Metal, the Biter Of Heads, the writer of suicide-inducing Satanic songs, reality show star, monger of cell phones. Ozzy's true genius lies in his simply being himself, in his innate ability to be creepy and lovable at the same time. We love Ozzy, in all his glory and in all his dangerous depths. Happy birthday, Ozzy! You absolutely rock.

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