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For real. How could they not rock the beach. Isn't Surfers just one big beach? Well, not quite, but it is very much associated with all things beachy, including rocking and rolling. That's where Hard Rock Cafe Surfers Paradise comes in. Recently, the city put on a "month-long celebration of Gold Coast art, culture, music and food," and Hard Rock was a big part of the music part of said celebration, sponsoring and hosting the main music stage for a little soiree we called "Hard Rock Rocks The Beach". Pretty catchy, isn't it? With sets by Hoodoo Gurus and Sneaky Sound System tearing up the stage, thousand upon thousands of people extolled the virtues of awesomeness that is Surfers Paradise. We just wanted to share some photos and show everyone who wasn't there what they were missing. Consider yourself jealous.

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07.03: On this day in 1969, Rolling Stones founding member and guitarist, Brian Jones, was found dead in his swimming pool not even a month after having departed the Stones for "musical reasons," whatever that means. His death was labeled "death by misadventure" by the coroner, but there are still people, to this day, who claim that he was murdered. We may never know exactly how he died. What we do know, however, is that Brian's role in the Stones lineup had gone from frontman and lead guitar in the early days to second fiddle next to Mick and Keith, whose songwriting skills greatly outweighed Brian's swagger. Next to them, he really didn't have much to offer, so he left. For "musical reasons."

07.03: On this day in 1971, The Doors frontman Jim Morrison died in a Paris bathtub. His official cause of death was heart failure, but many fans speculated it was the result of a covered-up drug overdose. Their theory can never be proven, however, because French law did not require an autopsy. The third of three '60s talents to die in less than a year, following Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin, Morrison had retreated to Paris to gather himself after the chaos of the previous years, during the rise of The Doors and his subsequent run-ins with the law and Ed Sullivan. With these deaths, many people considered the '60s truly and officially over, in spirit and in music. We could speculate all day and night about what kind of music Jim, Jimi, and Janis would've made had they survived themselves, but that kind of thought experiment is fairly fruitless. Instead, we just like to enjoy what was left behind. Long live The Lizard King!

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