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Who is Rosco Bandana?

Rosco Bandana is a seven - piece band from Gulfport, Mississippi, made up of Jason Sanford, vocals/guitar; Barry Pribyl Jr., vocals/percussion; Jennifer Flint, vocals; Emily Sholes, vocals/keyboard; Jackson Weldon, mandolin/lap steel; Josh Smith, bass; and Patrick Mooney, guitar/banjo. The group was discovered as part of Hard Rock’s 2011 Hard Rock Rising competition and is the first group signed to Hard Rock Records. Their debut album is scheduled for release this September.

What’s in a name? Plenty if you’re talking about Hard Rock.

The iconic brand, which owns cafes, hotels, and casinos across the globe, has always embraced the musical aspect of its character—after all, the company has stages all over the world and stakes claim to the world’s largest collection of music memorabilia—but perhaps never as much as with its latest venture, Hard Rock Records.

When you think about Hard Rock, you think about a brand that plugs you into musical experiences,” explains John Galloway, Hard Rock’s Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. “Music is important to us. It’s what differentiates us. There are a lot of companies in the hospitality space, but one of our main differentiators is being a brand that plugs you into music.

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06.19: It’s not always easy to help the children. On this day in 2006, The Verve frontman Richard Ashcroft barged into a youth club demanding to work with children. His verbal application was denied for some reason. Odd. You mean you can't barge into a youth center acting like a crazy person demanding to be with children? Weird. We thought that would be totally appropriate. Some people suspect alcohol and/or drugs may have been the impetus for Richard, others think he just wanted to give back to the world. We're not sure what to think, but we might look to a few Verve song titles for clues: "The Drugs Don't Work," "Stormy Clouds," and "Valium Skies" come to mind. Or not.

06.20: The births of many a musician occurred on this day. First up is Beach Boys mastermind Brian Wilson (seriously, we know it's de rigueur to shower praise on Pet Sounds, but Brian Wilson's insane work ethic brought out the amazing in the whole group), born in 1942. Next, Lionel Richie didn't dance on the ceiling at first, but that didn't come too long after his birth on this day in 1949. Next, the scrubbed-from-Van-Halen-history (for real, they tried to replace him on the album art for Van Halen with Eddie's son, Wolfgang) bass player Michael Anthony took the stage for the first time on this day in 1954. Finally, Duran Duran's bassist extraordinaire, John Taylor, slapped his way into this world and, eventually, onto the world stage on this day in 1960. "Girls On Film" just wouldn't be the same without his slappy hands.

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06.14: Hard Rock Cafe officially opened its doors in London on this day in 1971. Happy birthday to us!

06.14: Not only does Roxanne not have to put on the red light, but she’d be well advised not to. On this day in 2003, the Queen of England made Sting a Commander of the British Empire. What hath thou wrought, Queen Elizabeth II? Does this mean that Sting can now command the British Navy or that he can have people summarily executed? Or lead the troops in yoga? The latter would be much preferred to either of the other two.

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The Hard Rock Cafe Indianapolis has been working with their local Habitat for Humanity chapter to help build a home in their community. Habitat for Humanity of Greater Indianapolis (HFHGI)provides low-income individuals and families the life-changing opportunity to purchase and own simple, quality, affordable homes.  Take Time To Be Kind.

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June 14, 1971. Just another day in just another year for almost every person on the planet. For Hard Rock, though, this is the day that officially started it all. This is the day that the very first Hard Rock Cafe opened its doors in London, the day that Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton, The Founders, brought their vision of glorious American hamburgers to Brits and American ex-pats alike, the day that rocked dining experiences forever after. London, and the world, for that matter, had never seen anything like it. Hard Rock Cafe was a runaway hit.

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The Local Ambassador team from the Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood Blvd. recently hosted a food drive for the Los Angeles Food Bank from May 13- 27 and raised approximately 900+ pounds of food for those less fortunate. The attached picture shows just some of the food raised (each bin is full and we had enough food to fill approximately another one and a half).


In the picture are the Ambassador leaders who helped make this food drive a reality: Shane Tucker, Ashley Leiva and Michelle Perry (not pictured, but also a HUGE part of the success of this event, is Wayne Stocky who took this picture for us). We feel honored and blessed to be able to help out our community by helping feed families in the Los Angeles area. The mission of the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank is to mobilize resources to fight hunger in our community. To fulfill our mission we: Source and acquire food and other products and distribute to needy people through charitable agencies or directly through programs; Energize the community to get involved and support hunger relief; Conduct hunger education and awareness campaigns and advocate for public policies that alleviate hunger. Our vision is that no one goes hungry in Los Angeles County.

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06.05: On this day in 1959, Robert Zimmerman (aka Bob Dylan) graduated from Hibbing High School in Minnesota. Wait, what? Bob's from Minnesota, you ask? Yep. And he leads a long line of great Minnesota musicians, including '80s standout alt rockers The Replacements, funky rock god Prince, underground hip-hop greats Atmosphere, and indie rockers Low. Believe it, people, Minnesota's a good place for music because there ain't nothing for musicians to do during the long winters except hole up in their domiciles and create. Or drink. Or both.

06.05: On this day in 1977, breakfast plans went awry for Alice Cooper’s boa constrictor. The live rat being fed to the snake went from hunted to hunter and attacked, bit, and killed Cooper’s beloved stage companion. Cooper later held auditions to replace him. Now, we love Alice and his insanely awesome performance rock, but we also love the fact that the rat turned the tables and somehow managed to kill a creature that should've, by all accounts, swallowed him whole. Score one for the little guys.

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The Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas hosted a special "Wish" granting for Donny, who's wish was to meet Eddie Van Halen after his show in Las Vegas.  Donny and his parents joined the Hard Rock team for dinner after the show, which included a very special jam with Donny and one of our Local Hard Rock Ambassadors.  ALL IS ONE.


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The Hard Rock Cafe Universal Studios in CA hosted the finale event for Run It Forward. Jacoby Shaddix and wife Kelly greeted guests and signed autographs. Run It Forward is an innovative approach that addresses the education equality crisis facing today’s school children. In addition, Run It Forward (RIF) educates on fitness, nutrition, and the value of health and dental care. RIF is where education and endurance collide. As a nonprofit, RIF stretches the limits of human endurance, tenacity, and community outreach on behalf of America’s schools. TAKE TIME TO BE KIND.

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