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Posted on June 29, 2012 | Tags: ,

HARD ROCK HOSTS 2nd ANNUAL ROCK-N-RIDE TALENT LINE-UP AND BRINGS SOUTHERN FLAIR TO ATLANTA - Grady Health Foundation and Hark Rock Cafe Atlanta Partner in Fundraiser Event.

Founded in 1993, Grady Health Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 public charity that was formed to encourage corporations, foundations, and individual citizens to invest in the continued health and well-being of Atlanta through this vital public resource. Continuing in the spirit of its founders and leading the health system’s first major Capital Campaign, Grady Health Foundation was charged in 2008 with updating and re-engaging the community to support the metro-region’s premier Level I Trauma Center and the southeast’s largest public hospital. Consistent with Grady’s primary mission of caring for those traditionally without health coverage, the hospital delivered $227 million in uncompensated care to those in need in 2011. 




Posted on June 28, 2012 | Tags: ,

We are proud to announce that Hard Cafe Rock Berlin has been chosen for an award by Caritas of Germany for our social engagement in 2011. To celebrate, then team hosted a food drive for their Food Bank.  The team is privileged to work together with Caritas doing projects for Kindergartens, Senior Centers, AA Organizations, and Youth Centers. Many of our staff have participated, including: Management, Payroll, Accounting, and of course service, retail, hosts, and kitchen staff. ALL IS ONE.


Posted on June 28, 2012 | Tags:

In March the Hard Rock Cafe in Copenhagen raised money for the Children’s Cancer Fund in Denmark. This year the team raised some much needed funds, through concerts and pin sales, and hosted all the children from Rigshospitalet in for a special event and night of fun. ALL IS ONE.


Posted on June 28, 2012 | Tags: ,

Hard Rock Cafe Honolulu hosted a great event in support of AccesSurf, who empowers people with disabilities by providing adaptive surfing instruction and therapeutic educational programs on water recreation and enriches lives by assisting families to access the beach and ocean in a barrier free environment. TAKE TIME TO BE KIND.


Posted on June 27, 2012 | Tags: , ,

Hard Rock Cafe Pittsburgh celebrated a decade of Rockin' The 'Burgh with a big 10th Anniversary party. The day-long event started at 8:30 A.M. (!) with a pin collectors breakfast and trading event that included the release of seven new pins. Then it was on to the Rock ‘n Roll with live music behind the Cafe in a specially constructed tent, dubbed the Decade Party Tent (named not only for the number of years in operation, but for the iconic music club in Pittsburgh that hosted the first performances of The Police, U2 and countless others). The tent kicked off with the acoustic trio, and 2012 Pittsburgh Hard Rock Rising winners, 3 Dudes Chillin'. They were followed by the 2012 Winter Rock Showcase winners Wine & Spirit, who rocked the crowd with a lively acoustic set while guests took special thank you photos in our Hard Rock photo booth and posed with our costumed Gene Simmons impersonator. The tent was capped off by the always entertaining Good Brother Earl. 

Posted on June 25, 2012 | Tags:

06.26: On this day in 1975, Salvatore Bono and Cherilyn Sarkisian LaPiere officially called it quits. Best known as Sonny & Cher, the duo's biggest hit, “I Got You Babe,” turned out to be something of a misnomer in the long run, as they, obviously no longer had each other. Cher went on to solo singing success (think of the killer battleship-shot, what-the-hell-is-she-wearing video for "If I Could Turn Back Time") and acting success (the never-gets-old Moonstruck), and Sonny went on to become a U.S. Representative (R-California). Yes, two very divergent paths, but one common beginning. Amazing how things turn out, isn't it?

06.26: Nobody knew it at the time, but on this day in 1977, Elvis Presley played what turned out to be his final concert at Indianapolis' Market Square Arena. Long removed from his '50s heydays and his late-'60s comeback, The King passed away less than two months later, leaving a gaping hole in rock 'n' roll.

Posted on June 25, 2012 | Tags: , ,

Hard Rock rocks around the world. Believe it. No matter if you are in Tokyo, Berlin, or Santo Domingo, Hard Rock knows how to have fun. Case in point, speaking of Santo Domingo, the Cafe recently sponsored a concert in the middle of the city. What was it called? Hard Rock Rocks The City, naturally. Hosting one of Latin America's hottest bands, Calle 13, the concert proved to be, as any Hard Rock event does, an incredible time. We just wanted to share some pics and remind everyone that Hard Rock is more than just hamburger and music memorabilia. It's about experiences that rock.

Posted on June 21, 2012 | Tags: ,

Can we continue talking about how awesome the Hard Rockers from Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo are?! Please?! YES!

The crew from Tokyo headed out to the temporary housing area in Soma City in Fukushima set up for tsunami and earthquake victims who lost everything in these natural disasters. Even thought it was raining, the residents were very excited to see visitors, especially those that brought free hamburgers and hot dogs! The Hard Rock crew was told by the residence leader that visitors to the area have been decreasing so Hard Rock's appearance was more than appreciated. The area damaged by the tsunami and earthquake are still the same since the damage occurred and still need continuous support. The crew at Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo has sworn to keep on supporting their brothers and sisters. ALL IS ONE. 

Posted on June 21, 2012 | Tags: ,
Our fellow Hard Rockers in Tokyo managed to fundraise an incredible 1,000,000 yen (which is equal to over $12,600 US dollars) in a month! How did they do it?! With a charity cash box, a charity drink special, a menu featuring local Fiji recipes and by using their Facebook page to publicize their philanthropy projects.
A visit to the Fiji Embassy in Japan was in order to personally deliver a check for 1,000,000 yen and our partners in Tokyo received a thank you letter from the Fiji Ambassador which concluded with "Arigatou gozaimasu" which is Japanese for "Thank you very much".

To Tokyo! Arigatou gozaimasu!
Posted on June 20, 2012 | Tags: ,

Admit it, you thought Harley Davidsons were a purely American passion, didn't you? While it is a distinctly American brand, the passion is something that has taken root the world over. Don't believe us? Well, believe this. Hard Rock Cafe Lisbon partied down with a bunch of Hog-lovin' people who'd gathered in the coastal town of Cascais, just a little ways west on the coast, about 30 minutes (by motorcycle, of course) from the Cafe, for the European H.O.G. Rally 2012. HRC Lisbon sponsored the main music stage and had a good ol' time just hanging out. We just wanted to share some photos and let you know about some of the cool stuff you're, or are not, missing out on. We don't know. Maybe you were there. If you were, we're pretty darn sure you had a blast.

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