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03.05: Sadness, yet again, as we lament the passing of another seminal singer before their time. On this day in 1963, a private plane carrying Patsy Cline crashed in severe weather, on its way to Nashville, where Cline wanted to be, so that she could get back to her kids. She was 30 years old. That Patsy portended her own death only adds to the sadness for us. She'd been telling friends for months that she felt her end was near, that she sensed doom on the horizon, that she'd already survived two bad car accidents that nearly killed her, so a third accident would be the end of her. She began to ask close friends to take care of her kids if anything ever happened to her. She tended to her estate, getting her things in order. Yes, this was weird then and it is weird now because maybe she did have a sense of her own death, a sense of the end of her time on this earth. It is unnerving to think that someone can know this. It brings into play so many other questions without answers and all leads back to one place for us. That is, we are not in control of our own destiny. Yes, heady stuff. But that's what Patsy's death brings out in us, beyond the sadness of a life gone too soon. She offered so much to the world, to women in country music, and to women everywhere. She showed everyone that women could play with the good ol' boys in Nashville and beat them at their own game, that women could put out hit after hit and hold their own within the male-dominated country music scene of the early '60s. From "Walkin' After Midnight" to "Crazy" to "I Fall To Pieces," Patsy's emotion and assertiveness comes across loud and clear. She was a wonder to behold then and to listen to today. That she chose collaborators of exceptional quality and chops further cements, in our head, at least, her intelligence and tenacity in seeking out something that hadn't been heard before in either country or pop music. She bridged the two genres, accompanied by gorgeous orchestration and arrangements, showing the world what it'd been missing all along. That she died so young probably added to the adoration which is heaped upon her, still to this day, but this is the way it always is with those who've died young, at the top of their respective games. Their lives are stuck in amber, frozen in time for all to see, for all to wonder what could have been, to marvel at what was, and mourn the passing. Today, however, as with all such days, we choose to celebrate their lives. Today we raise a glass to Ms. Cline.

03.05: In 1982, on this day, John Belushi died from a drug overdose. He was 33. It doesn't seem possible that he was only 33 years old. From his work on Saturday Night Live to his breakthrough performance in Animal House to his star-making turn in the musically awesome The Blues Brothers, Belushi's screen time and persona belied his young age. All of the Not Ready For Prime-Time Players were rock stars in their own right, but Belushi is the one that really stood out, that really became the SNL rock star. That he lived the rock star lifestyle, as well, surprised no one then or now. It's just a shame that it had to happen like that. Like everyone who is gone before their time, we are sad that they are gone, but grateful for what they left behind.

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Hard Rock Cafe Sydney Staff Help Save the Planet & Clean Up Australia!


Hard Rock Cafe Sydney was thrilled to participate in Clean Up Australia Day 2012. The 22nd Annual national event took place on Sunday the 4th of March 2012. The Clean Up Australia Day initiative began in 1990 and continues to be the nation’s largest community participation event with over 25 million hours having been dedicated to cleaning up, fixing up and conserving the Australian Environment. Volunteers target beaches, parks, streets, bushland & waterways to get rid of various littered items such as cigarette butts, glass, plastics and paper. An estimated 591,000 volunteers turned out this year and approximately 16, 199 tonnes of rubbish was collected.

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On a brisk Sunday morning in February, five brave souls from the Hard Rock Cafe at Foxwoods, CT jumped into the Atlantic Ocean to benefit the Special Olympics. To quote the team on their efforts to LOVE ALL- SERVE ALL "You might want to use a different adjective than “brave”…" ALL IS ONE.

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March is Red Cross Month in the United States. In the spirit of this incredible organization and their relief effort following the earthquake and tsunami in Japan last year, Hard Rock will once again offer special t-shirts to benefit the Red Cross’ ongoing work, which takes place every day, often out of the eyes of the media, in areas big and small, metropolitan and rural. Disaster relief includes responses to fires, floods, hurricanes and significant disasters all over the world. Hard Rock is proud to team up with the American Red Cross, a worthy organization the truly rocks.

You can also find the Unite For Japan tees at the following Hard Rock locations:

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