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Posted on March 30, 2012 | Tags: ,


We shut down San Antonio's famed Riverwalk for the grand re-opening of the Hard Rock Cafe San Antonio. We remodeled the entire cafe, it's so fancy now! In order to celebrate the new look we hosted a free concert (yes, FREE, cause that's how we get down) with singer/songwriter Tim Halperin, Everclear and The All-American Rejects. 

Tim Halperin, an up and coming artist entertained the guests in the cafe, even put his own spin on Adele's "Rolling In The Deep". (Click the link to check it out on YouTube. Same goes for the ones below...)

Everclear showed us how it's done and even invited Tyson from All-American Rejects to perform "I Will Buy You A New Life" with them. 

With a crowd of over 5,000 fans, the All-American Rejects wrapped up the night with their set that included their hits "Move Along""Gives You Hell" and "Dirty Little Secret".

Congrats to HRC San Antonio for the new cafe, the new look and the best party to hit the Riverwalk!

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“A haunting Southern gothic musical with a blues and roots tinged score.”

Well thats certainly a mouthful. Where would such a production go for a preview event?

The Hard Rock Cafe Atlanta was thrilled to host the sneak peek event of a brand new musical production called The Ghost Brothers of Darkland County. The show is being staged for the first time at The Alliance Theatre At The Woodruff and was written by Stephen King, songs and lyrics composed by the legendary John Mellencamp and musical direction by the incredible T Bone Burnett.

The night was complete with a sneak preview performance of three songs from the show, cast meet & greet and parked on the sidewalk in front of the café was a pink Thunderbird, which was once owned by John Mellencamp himself. 

Catch the show's trailer here! 

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Hard Rock loves local music but we have to admit, we don't mind imports either...

For those not familiar with Hard Rock history, the Hard Rock Cafe London is the original Hard Rock Cafe, which introduced the UK to casual American cuisine and hospitality to a scandalized 1971 London. So in grand Hard Rock tradition, America's own, The Fray, invaded Hard Rock Cafe London for a live session co-hosted with UK's Absolute Radio.

The Fray have enjoyed a steady stream of hit singles since 2005 such as "Over My Head (Cable Car)", "You Found Me", "How To Save A Life" and "Heartbeat". 200 of their fans packed into the cafe to hear the band's set which included these songs plus some songs from their newest album "Scars & Stories". However, the band's lead singer Isaac Slade felt that this wasn't enough...

In true rock 'n' roll fashion, lead singer Isaac climbed up on a ledge to perform an acoustic solo version of "Happiness". The entire audience was silent, cameraphones in hand recording this moment that one member of the cafe called "magical." The silence was only broken when Isaac asked the audience to sing with him. Our friends at Absolute Radio caught this awesome performance here.

We'd like to thank and congratulate The Fray, Absolute Radio, and the team from Hard Rock Cafe London for hosting a truly unforgettable night!


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03.26: Steven Tyler was born on this day in 1948. Steven, Steven, Steven. Whatchya doin', man? You've reigned over hard rock for the nearly four decades, with your cohorts in Aerosmith. You've had some serious ups and some serious downs, and we thought you'd learned your lessons. Guess not. Really? Really? You're gonna quit the band, strike out on your own, and put out a solo album? How high were you when you made those statements? Pretty damn high, we think. Maybe that's why you came back a few days later, telling everyone what they already knew, that you were pretty whacked out on some "stuff." We're glad you realized some things about yourself, about your addictions, about how you need Aerosmith in your life because it doesn't get much better than a downright dirty and rocking Aerosmith show. Then you had to go pull a Paula Abdul on us and join the circus. Maybe you're just bored with the whole rock star bit. Maybe you wanted to put Aerosmith back in the minds of the whippersnappers of today (then go out on tour again, wink, wink, nudge, nudge). Maybe you just don't care anymore. Whatever the reasons: Happy Birthday, Steven!

03.27: Jerry Garcia was pulled over for speeding on the New Jersey turnpike on this day in 1973. Apparently, Jerry was on his way to a drug convention or something because the fuzz found marijuana, cocaine, and LSD in the car. (Might be one of the reasons his nickname was Captain Trips.) Yeah, they took him to jail. He spent three hours in the hoosgow and was eventually given a suspended one-year sentence. Jerry, as always, during the initial arrest and the subsequent court appearances, greeted everyone with a smile, shaking hands, beaming with his inimitable and amiable nature. The arresting officer is quoted as saying, "He was such a nice guy, we hated to bust him." We love Jerry. His music. His storied life. Most of all, though, we love his laugh. We would've loved to hang out with Jerry, listen to his stories, listen to him pick out some tunes on a guitar. We just wouldn't want to drive anywhere with him.

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03.20: Never, in the history of rock and roll, has more vitriol been spewed at one person, more bad language been spent cursing that person's name, and more nonsense been heard than when certain people talk about Yoko Ono and what said people perceive to be her role in the break-up of The Beatles. The truth of the matter is that the only thing that broke up The Beatles was The Beatles. They were ready to move on. They'd conquered the known world, in a time of world conquerors, had evolved with a speed that would've turned Darwin's head, gone from mop-topped teeny bopper band to a psychedelic powerhouse that challenged the way music is made. They'd done it all in less than a decade, so what more was there to do? Say "so long" and move on to other things, that's what. Why, oh why, do we bring this up? Because this day in 1969 marks the anniversary of the day John Lennon and Yoko Ono married in Gibraltar. Though The Beatles were officially still together at this point, they hadn't played live together for years (save for the rooftop concert, which, in our opinion, rocks, but wasn't a real show) and didn't even record together, instead choosing to record their parts separately for Abbey Road. And it wasn't Yoko's fault. Far from it. Business got in the way of friendship and the guys had had enough. We can mourn that they didn't put out anymore albums together, especially in the wake of their last two magnificent (aren't they all, though?) albums, Abbey Road and Let It Be, but when we are left to look at the Beatles cannon today, we can say that it is amazing and complete and an incredible journey from Liverpool to a dingy club in Hamburg to The Ed Sullivan Show to Shea Stadium to the known world. And John loved Yoko. So, blah to all you people who think she broke up The Beatles. You are wrong.

Performing the Groundbreaking Album ‘Graceland’ in its Entirety
on Sunday 15 July in Hyde Park

Alison Krauss & Union Station featuring Jerry Douglas also confirmed
for Sunday 15 July

Lady Antebellum and John Fogerty confirmed for Saturday 14 July

Tickets on sale 9am on 23 March 2012
Available at www.hardrockcalling.co.uk

Hard Rock International and Live Nation confirmed today that Paul Simon will headline Hard Rock Calling 2012 on Sunday 15 July in London’s Hyde Park. The evening will include a special performance of Graceland, featuring Ladysmith Black Mambazo, in addition to songs spanning his illustrious career. Alison Krauss & Union Station featuring Jerry Douglas are also confirmed for Sunday 15 July, while Lady Antebellum and John Fogerty join headliner Bruce Springsteen on Saturday 14 July in what promises to be one of the biggest weekends in the music calendar.

Graceland is one of the most influential albums of the last three decades, and as part of its 25th anniversary celebrations, Paul Simon will be performing the album in its entirety at Hard Rock Calling 2012. He will be joined on stage by Jimmy Cliff on songs including "Harder They Come" and "Too Many Rivers To Cross", before Ladysmith Black Mambazo take to the stage for a Graceland reunion, a UK first since 1987.

Also announced for Sunday 15 July is Alison Krauss & Union Station featuring Jerry Douglas. Grammy Award-winning Alison Krauss has sold in excess of 12 million albums, including the smash hit release with Robert Plant, Raising Sand. They will perform songs from new album ‘Paper Airplane’, and her breathtaking live performances should not be missed.

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The Hard Rock Hotel team had a great kickoff to the Sound Of Your Stay music lounge at the Cedar Door in Austin during SXSW. The house was hopping all day as our guests not only got to catch a slew of kick-ass artists, but also got to experience Hard Rock Hotel’s The Sound Of Your Stay amenities.

The Sound Of Your Stay™ is our free all-encompassing music amenity program that gives every guest access to experiences you can’t get anywhere else. picks. is our Fender guitar "room service” boasting a menu of 20 electric guitars to choose from and jam out on. tracks. is a 15-song curated playlist that serves as a sonic guide for your Hard Rock Hotel stay and beyond.

Day 1 artists included:
Kaiser Chiefs
The Hood Internet (DJ SET)
Twin Atlantic
Mike Nouveau (DJ Set)
Idle Warship
DJ Mia Moretti & Caitlin Moe
The Knocks (DJ Set)
Penguin Prison
RAC (DJ Set)
Semi Precious Weapons

The fun starts all over again tomorrow Friday, March 16th at 12:30p CST with The Heavy kicking things off.

Be sure to follow the Hard Rock Hotels Sound Of Your Stay experience and conversations with us on Twitter @hardrockhotels #SXSWHRH and on Facebook.com/HardRockHotels.

Check out some photos of the action right here.

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03.12: Who does the phrase "singer/songwriter" make you think of? Bards wandering the English countryside, singing tales of yore and adventure? Itinerant musicians going from dustbowl town to dustbowl town during the Great Depression, singing for their supper, spinning tales of despair and loneliness? Yeah, us neither. To us a singer-songwriter is someone like Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie and our good friend James Taylor, who, coincidentally enough, is celebrating a birthday this week. Born in Boston on this day in 1948, Taylor went on to become the most sensitive of all the sensitive singer-songwriters, sensitively singing sensitive songs, such as "Fire & Rain" and Carol King's "You've Got A Friend." Taylor was to the '70s singer/songwriter what Lil' Wayne is to the '00s rapper. That is, ubiquitous, über talented and on top of his game (though not doing time for illegal gun possession). Happy Birthday, Sweet Baby James!

03.12: On this day in 1969 Paul McCartney married Linda Eastman at Marylebone Registry office in London. And so began one of the great rock 'n' roll marriages. She, the incredible photographer, and he, one of the biggest musicians on the planet, joined forces and became romantically, financially, and spiritually entwined. Bucking the rock 'n' roll trend, from then and now, of short marriages, spotted with ego problems and infidelity, Paul and Linda were one in the same for nearly three decades, until her death at the much-too-young age of 56 from breast cancer. A devastating end to one of the most enduring loves in rock. We like to look to the happy times, though.

Posted on March 09, 2012 | Tags: ,

When you think of country music, we'll bet that Boston may not be the first place that you think of. Granted it doesn't have the nitty-gritty "sharecropper" vibe of Memphis or the glitzy rhinestone cowboy glamour of Nashville, but Dierks Bentley and hundreds of his fans proved that good music will set up shop wherever it pleases. Far be it for Hard Rock to ever deny what the people want, so the crew at the Hard Rock Cafe Boston showed Mr. Bentley and the crowd that it's not just the South that knows a thing or two about hospitality. 

The cafe hosted a kick-ass party to celebrate the release of Dierks' seventh album. Entitled Home, it showcases his signature mischievous style, but manages to delve deeper with the title track which is about the good ole' US of A in all of her diverse glory. Along with a few hundred fans crammed into a cleared out Cafe, Dierks played an acoustic set accompanied only by a second guitar and a violinist. (Excuse me, a fiddler, this is country after all!) After the performance, Dierks was kind enough to take the time to sign a guitar for us to add to the ole' collection. Everyone had a great time, Dierks included, who raised his glass during his set and toasted the night.

To good music, good people and good times!  


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If you have stayed at a couple of different Hard Rock Hotels you might have noticed that while they all definitely feel like a Hard Rock, there are some differences too. Some are buzzing urban hubs. Others are laid back and focused on the pool and beach. And you might have observed that a few have colorful tables with people sitting at them holding playing cards. They don't just feel different, they sound different, too.

Tracks, Hard Rock's complimentary music program, continues to grow and evolve. Yes, we are up to Volume 6, and yes, we are now mobile and global. This time around we have venerable New York Latin label Fania and ascendant retro soul singer/songwriter/producer/all-around-awesome guy Mayer Hawthorne curating lists for your aural delectation. So let your ears dig in.

Find out more about .tracks, as well as the entire Sound Of Your Stay program by clicking here

Players Playlist

  1. The Edgar Winter Group – "Free Ride"
  2. The Romantics – "Talking In Your Sleep"
  3. .38 Special – "Hold On Loosely"
  4. Canned Heat – "Let's Work Together"
  5. The Beach Boys – "Louie Louie"
  6. Butch Walker & The Black Widows – "Synthesizers"
  7. Poison – "What I Like About You"
  8. Oberhofer –"Away Frm U"
  9. Hacienda – "Savage"
  10. Punches – "Can I Live"
  11. Moncarchy – "Gold In The Fire"
  12. Givers – "Meantime"
  13. Tribes – "When My Day Comes"
  14. The Fray – "Run For Your Life"

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