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01.18: To tell yet another little tale from the days of disco, we bring you the soaring and sad tale of one Studio 54, perhaps the most famous club in the history of NYC. Every time you watch a documentary about disco or about New York in the late '70s, you hear about Studio 54, about its bacchanalian days of sex, drugs, celebrities, and disco, about the hordes of people attempting entry into its maw, into its pleasure-filled space. Opened in 1977, the club became an immediate hit with celebrities, jet-setters, and ordinary people alike. When Bianca Jagger (Mick's then-wife) rode through the club on a white horse for her 32nd birthday, people wanted a piece of that, wanted to be there just in case they might see something like that, wanted to be a part of something bigger than anything else New York City had to offer at the time. Well, besides the rise of punk at CBGB in the West Village or hip-hop in the Bronx, but those are two entirely different stories, kids, and those two movements, which would leave far more of an impression than disco could ever dream of, received far less press and media attention than the drug-fueled insanity of Studio 54 and disco. Imagine that. Something real and based in human emotion being trumped in the media by a hyped-up seen-and-be-seen flash-in-the-pan party. But we digress. On this day in 1980, disco's beating heart seized and collapsed when the owners of Studio 54 were sent to prison for 3½ years, though they only served 13 months, for tax evasion. The club failed to survive their loss. They'd been skimming off the top for years, failing to pay taxes on much of the club's profit, and the IRS eventually came a callin', especially after Steven Rubell, the face of the club, repeatedly boasted in the press about how much money the operation pulled in. Not smart, Steven, not smart at all. The building was sold in 1981 and reopened under the Studio 54 moniker, but nothing could touch the debaucherous good times oft told about the original incarnation.

01.19: Janis, Janis, Janis…..what have you done to us? Janis Lyn Joplin, you totally captured our soul with your bourbon-and-cigarette-soaked voice, your hippy-dippy ways, with "Me and Bobby McGee." Then, you ripped out our heart with your self-destructive ways, your thirsty liver. That doesn't mean, though, that we won't celebrate your life whenever we get the chance. Like today, for instance. On this day in 1943, your presence on Earth became reality and we just wanted to wish you a happy birthday. We wish we could do it in person. You'd be 69 today. That woulda been awesome. Alas, 'twas not to be. Like all the greats who have gone away, however, we're thankful for what you left us, for those songs we can throw on anytime, remembering the musical goddess that walked amongst us.

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Limited-Edition Merchandise to Benefit The Fender Music Foundation and The Jimi Hendrix Park Foundation

Orlando, Fla., February 9, 2012 – Hard Rock International honors legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix with the launch of the brand’s Jimi Hendrix Signature Series: Edition 29 T-shirt and pin, the former featuring a visual representation of the music legend’s most recognizable songs on a guitar image designed collaboratively in 1970 by artist Alan Aldridge, creator of Hard Rock Cafe’s iconic logo, and Hendrix. The limited-edition merchandise is available in stores and online, with 15% of the retail price benefiting The Fender Music Foundation and Seattle’s Jimi Hendrix Park Foundation.

We are delighted that Jimi is playing such an important role in supporting multiple worthy causes,” said Janie Hendrix, sister of Jimi Hendrix. “It would warm his heart to know that his legacy is being honored this way, continuing to have an impact on the entire universe. At Authentic Hendrix, we're working to fulfill his vision. Joining our long-term partners the Hard Rock International and The Fender Foundation allows us to continue to shape and inspire our communities through music."

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"I have a dream...

We hold these truths to be self-evident:

that all are created equal."

- Martin Luther King Jr. (excerpt quote)



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The Local "Ambassador" Program at the Hard Rock Cafe in Munich helped raise funds for the local Munich Children's Hospice, who provide terminally ill children with home based care.  The initiative was lead by our AGM, Oliver, who helped to develop the program and encourage support from Hard Rockers and guests.  TAKE TIME TO BE KIND.


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01.09: Songbird Joan Baez flew into this world, and into, eventually, many a dirty hippy's heart, on this day in 1941. While her music and words are held in high esteem by many within the music community, many consider them to be fluff and her delivery to be grating. We dig her. Nuff said on that. We're celebrating another birthday today, as well, and we totally dig the fratastic stylings of one Mr. David John "Dave" Matthews who danced, very goofily, we might add, into this plane of existence on this day in 1967, in a little town known as Johannesburg, South Africa. Yeah, we know, it's not cool, in many music circles, to like Dave Matthews Band, but we do, so nanny, nanny, boo, boo, and get over yourself.

01.09: Jimmy Page. That's it. Jimmy Page. The man, the myth, the guitar god joined us on this plane of existence on this day in 1944. He probably joined us from some far off land, where guitars are the only means of communication, where he was the finest orator in all the land, holding sway over the masses, bidding them do as wished. Kinda like he does here on Earth, too, as a matter of fact. Being that he makes his guitar sing, that he brought a new, sometimes-ethereal dimension to the blues and to rock, alike, Jimmy Page is one of the most influential guitar players of all time. With Led Zeppelin, he brought the blues to arenas and stadiums the world over. Not an easy task, to say the least. Taking a music genre that'd been born in the backwoods of rural America and bringing it to the world, bringing it the the fore of music in the '70s, Jimmy and Led Zeppelin led the rock dominance of that decade. Most guitarists, whether they know it or not, from the late '60s on, have been influenced by his mammoth playing, his epic sweeps around the the auditory canal. Yeah, we said it. Auditory canal. He totally rocks ours, and we are thankful for his presence in music, in rock, in the blues, and in life. Happy birthday, Jimmy!

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We've said it before, and we'll say it forever, Hard Rock likes to have a good time. You now what's even better than having a good time? When we are joined by friends and fun people in our good times. And music helps, too. And great food. Music + great food + fun people = good times! We might've stumbled onto something there. You know where you can find that equation in full effect? Hard Rock on New Year's Eve! (Well, anytime, really, but especially NYE.)

This year, Hard Rocks around the globe were joined by some of the coolest people in the world, helping us ring in 2012 in style. We just wanted to share a few pictures with you from some of those Hard Rock's around the globe. Just remember when December 2012 rolls around that Hard Rock is the place you want to be when that clock strikes midnight and the calendar rocks and rolls into a new year.

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01.02: On this day in 1978, Ozzy Osbourne rejoined Black Sabbath. Wait, what? When did Ozzy leave Black Sabbath? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? We’ve got the answer to that conundrum, kids, so fear not. You’ll be sleeping well tonight in the knowledge that Ozzy had left the band in fall of ’77, tired of the whole band thing, tired of the routine. He just wanted his own routine. You know, sleeping late, drinking all day, getting high on goofballs all night. Ah, the life of a rock star. So, Ozzy took off for a couple of months, leaving the other guys in the studio without a singer. Bummer. What to do? Well, they hired another singer and got to work writing an album. Of course, when Ozzy showed back up on their doorstep a few months later, they got rid of the interim singer they’d hired in his stead and let Ozzie back in the band. Over the next five months, they recorded their seventh album, Never Say Die!, which was fairly well received in the U.K. and pretty much landed with a thud in the U.S. The band officially fired Ozzy a year later, after the poor album performance, the escalation of Ozzy’s every-increasing addictions, and a lazy world tour, during which a new band of hard rocking kids opening for them, somebody called Van Halen, showed up Sabbath up at every stop. Don’t worry about Ozzy or the guys, though. Ozzy went on to amazing solo success (thanks to his new guitar player, the incredible Randy Rhoads), and Sabbath took a new singer and a new direction when the Hobbit of heavy metal, Ronnie James Dio, joined the band and they put out the phenomonal Heaven and Hell. Ah, we love a happy ending.

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