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Posted on January 31, 2012 | Tags:

Local Ambassadors from the Hard Rock Cafes in Japan hosted a wide range of philanthropic efforts in their community including a catering event at Yokosuka military base. The team served up about 5,000 burgers and provided entertainment, with appreciation, to the sailors who went up north to support and back up the Japanese Self-Defense Forces in disaster-relief activity; Operation Tomodachi, after March 11 disaster last year. USS Blue Ridge, the big ship on the photo was the first ship among 9 naval ships, which headed to the north right after the quake and involved in the Operation Tomodachi as an operation controller. Most of the sailors on the photos are crew from USS Blue Ridge. It was a fantastic moment for the Hard Rock team.

The other photos are taken in Soma city, Fukushima prefecture, where had been damaged by tsunami after the quake. Soma is one of the cities in east coast of Tohoku district, badly damaged. The team delivered the donation, including HRC items, to people of Soma city as Christmas gifts on December 24, 2011. Also donated was $48,000 to Soma city (mayor of Soma city). The amount was raised from ‘Unite for Japan’ shirts sales as well as the fundraising. The money will be directly used as education expenditure for the children those who lost their families from this quake disaster.  ALL IS ONE



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New Location Set to Open in Summer 2012

Brussels, Belgium, January 26, 2012 – Belgium’s capital gets ready to rock, as the iconic Hard Rock Cafe makes its way to Brussels! Hard Rock International is pleased to announce plans to bring the brand’s one-of-a-kind blend of music, entertainment and authentic scratch-based cuisine to Brussels, with a state-of-the-art location showcasing Hard Rock’s new design style and latest technology. The multi-level location, located in the heart of the city’s historic Grand Place, will be sure to contend as one of the Brussels’ premier dining and entertainment destinations.

Hard Rock Cafe Brussels will be complete with both indoor and outdoor dining areas including upscale design features and innovative technology, featuring the  Rock Wall™ Solo, an interactive touch wall featuring technology enabling fans to explore the world’s greatest rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia collection and virtually tour all of the company’s 174 venues around the world.  In addition, memorabilia from Hard Rock’s iconic collection will adorn the walls of Hard Rock Cafe Brussels, including items from legendary musicians from around the world, as well as today’s top contemporary artists. 

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02.01: This day in 2004 is a day that will go down in infamy, as the day our fragile puritanical psyche was forever scarred, as the day our collective innocence was brutally taken from us, as the day Justin Timberlake helped Janet Jackson thrust her breast upon an unsuspecting world during the Super Bowl halftime show. Oh, our eyes! They're burning! Not boobies! How will we explain this to our children? We won't, of course. We'll keep them innocent and unready for the world. We'll just make sure to punish those who let this happen, those who broadcast this, those who might possibly think about broadcasting things we deem unfit for public consumption, whether it is or not, whether the public agrees with us or not, because no one should think about boobies when they're watching football and no one should be subjected to Janet Jackson's (Miss Jackson's, if your nasty) breast. We mean, just look at it. Who would want to see that thing? It's a symbol of the moral corruption of American culture, of the lengths to which we've let television and sports fall and fail, and of everything that is wrong with our society. Or it's just a breast! That's it. Nothing else. Yeah, we can't continue with the charade anymore, people. Sorry to make you think we'd gone all holier-than-thou on you, but we just had to prove a point. How did this "event" cause such an uproar in America? What's the big deal? We still don't get it. How do we celebrate, with football (which we love, BTW), humanity's inherent violence, but repress our inherent sexual nature, without which you would not be here reading this amazing post? This does not make sense to us or ever will. We wish there was a show that was on 24-7 just showing images of Janet Jackson's boob and amazing football plays. It'd be like ESPN with boobs. Wow, don't steal that. It was our idea first. Thank you, Janet and Justin, for revealing the absurdity and hypocrisy of American culture. That rocked and, after Prince's stupendous and awesomely awesome halftime show, will never be topped. Thanks for the memories, Miss Jackson.

Posted on January 30, 2012 | Tags:

"This is an anthem of peace and love," Ringo Starr singson the opening track of his 17th solo album - Ringo 2012.  For more on Ringo's new album click here.


"It's a fitting sentiment from the celebrated drummer who flashes a peace sign at the click of a camera shutter and wears the hippie-era mantra like a second skin. Sometimes literally. Today, lounging on the patio of his Beverly Hills Hotel suite, he's sporting a "peace and love" T-shirt as part of an ensemble that's casual chic." - Excerpt from USA Today Interview - 1/30/12, for the full story click here



Posted on January 29, 2012 | Tags:

Hard Rock Cafe Sydney hosted a ‘Fun Day’ event with the Camp Quality organization, the Children’s Family Cancer Charity on January 21st.

Camp Quality is an organization dedicated to providing support & optimism to families in Australia who have children living with cancer. Founded in 1983 by Vera Entwistle, Camp Quality supports children living with cancer and their families through their Recreation, Hospital, Performance & Education and Family Support Programs. The organization currently supports around 3,500 families through 13 local offices across Australia with over 2000 volunteers.


More Than 12,000 Bands Compete for Your Vote as Part of the Hard Rock Rising Global Battle of the Bands

Orlando, Fla., January 25, 2012 – You vote – They Rock! Hard Rock Rising gives fans the power to decide who performs at Hard Rock Cafes worldwide as the battle of the bands gears up for the local, live music phase of the competition. More than 12,000 bands have entered the Hard Rock Rising competition for the chance of a lifetime, to be on the bill with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band and additional headlining performers at Hard Rock Calling 2012 in London.

The Rise of a Local Legend
Beginning on Wednesday, January 25, 2012, Hard Rock Rising allows fans to choose the live performance lineup for local events at Hard Rock Cafes around the world. Fans can vote by downloading free tracks from bands of their choice at their local Hard Rock’s city-specific, Facebook page.

After fans choose their favorites, participating Hard Rock Cafe locations around the world will host a series of live competitions featuring the local bands who received top votes. Bands will then be judged live by a panel of local industry experts and participating bands’ representatives, with one winner being selected from each location. For full rules and a list of participating locations visit www.hardrock.com/hrrising.

At Hard Rock live music is at the core of our brand, in 2011 we put on more than 17,000 live music events across our properties,” said John Galloway, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for Hard Rock International. “We are privileged be able to offer the hottest up-and-coming bands a chance to showcase their talent on our local cafes stages and the shot to play at Hard Rock Calling 2012.

Posted on January 23, 2012 | Tags:

01.23: On this day in 1953, Robin Zander, lead singer of the cheapest trick in all the land, Cheap Trick, was born. Actually, they're not that cheap. They owned the airwaves in 1979, with their still very catchy, and somewhat pleading, song "I Want You To Want Me." You've heard it, you know it, you love it. Admit it, you've actually tried to pick up someone with that song, singing it as you pass them in the hallway at school or the office, hoping they'd pick up on your awesomeness. No? Just us? Oh, well, that doesn't diminish our love for Cheap Trick, for their late '70s porn-stache, their wavy and pretty hair, and their general disregard, even for the times, of all things cool. We think that's why we like them so much. Cuz they just don't care. All they want is for you to want them. That's what we all just want, though, isn't it?

01.25: Mark Wahlberg felt the wrath of litigious action on this day in 1994. Why is Mark Wahlberg in the Musings, you might wonder? Well, before his days as a movie star, he lived the life of a pop star, as the remarkably untalented Marky Mark. Remember? Yeah, we try to forget, too, but those sounds and images are burned into our brains, stained on our retinas forever. He had the hit song "Come On, Come On, Feel It, Feel It" (or something like that) and the other hit song that was a cover/redux of a much, much, much better Lou Reed song. Why'd you let him do it, Lou? Being the younger brother of one of the New Kids On The Block didn't hurt Marky Mark's career, as he opened for said boy band on their 1991 tour, helping to rocket his debut record, featuring his group The Funky Bunch, to the top of the charts. Which brings us to this day in 1994, when a woman claimed that she suffered injuries after being trampled at one of his shows, right after Marky had pulled down his pants, showed off his Calvin Klein tighty whities, and incited the prepubescent and disturbingly not-so-prepubescent crowd to rush the stage. We're really not sure whatever became of this lawsuit, but we don't think we'll ever forgive God or Lou Reed for unleashing (or this day for reminding us of) the "hip-hop" "stylings" of Marky Mark. Damn, now we can't get that song out of our head. BTW, whatever happened to The Funky Bunch? Come on, come on, feel it, feel it, Good Vibrations…

WE BELIEVE IN MUSIC - St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children provides care for 4,000 children each day through inpatient, home care and community-based programs throughout the entire New York Metropolitan area. The majority of St. Mary’s children live in New York City, but kids from all over the Globe receive cutting-edge care in our facilities. Our family-centered model of caring for children in the least restrictive environment – their home— enhances the quality of life for children with special needs and their families.

TAKE TIME TO BE KIND.  To donate click here.  To learn more click here.




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Hard Rock Cafe Oslo recently had the amazing, awesome, and incredible honor of hosting a pre-party and after-party for the one and only Motörhead! The guys were in town for a show, naturally, and, as always, were looking for a cool place to hang out, have some beers, jam a little, and meet some great people. HRC Oslo has that in spades, so it, of course, is the place for Lemmy, Mikkey, and Phil.

As it turns out, Victory Motorcycles had a little present for the guys, too. Well, actually, three presents, one for each of 'em: a custom Victory motorcycle. Man, it must be nice to be a rock star! We heard that the guys hung out until after 4 in the morning, carousing and having a good ol' time. We wish we coulda been there. We got these pics, though, so we wanted to share them with you, so that you, along with us, can live vicariously through them and pretend that you were having a beer with Lemmy and listening to them jam all night long at Hard Rock Cafe.

Posted on January 17, 2012 | Tags: ,

The Signature Series T-Shirt line started as a means for musicians and artists to collaborate with Hard Rock, in an effort to raise awareness and funds for deserving charities. Hard Rock International honors legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix with the launch of the brand's Jimi Hendrix Signature Series: Edition 29 pin and T-shirt, featuring a visual representation of the music legend's most recognizable songs, conceived by Hendrix himself and relayed to Alan Aldridge, famed artist and creator of the iconic Hard Rock Cafe logo.

The limited-edition merchandise will be available in stores and the Online Rock Shop, with 15% of the retail price of both the pin and t-shirt benefiting The Fender Music Foundation and The Jimi Hendrix Park Foundation. The Jimi Hendrix Park Foundation is raising funds for a park in Seattle that will motivate youth and others to achieve in music and art. The Fender Music Foundation provides resources for music programs across America, so that kids and adults alike will have an opportunity to experience the joys of music.

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