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Even before the latest headlines hit, WhyHunger and our partners have been and will continue working to address these issues over the long-term, supporting solutions that tackle the roots of the crisis from the ground level to the global arena.  At the ground level, WhyHunger and Hard Rock International are supporting the efforts of communities to feed themselves through sustainable, resilient and locally adapted systems of agriculture in countries including our Imagine There’s No Hunger partners Common Ground in Kenya and Hope North in Uganda.  For more on this issue click here.  To see video from Hard Rock's visit to Common Ground / Parthfinder Academy in Kenya click here.  ALL IS ONE.


Hard Rock President & CEO Hamish Dodds, visiting Common Ground in Kenya.

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Fifty years ago one man’s outrage at the imprisonment of two students for raising a toast to freedom inspired a global movement.  A very special event was held to mark the occasion of Amnesty International's 50th birthday in Martha's Vineyard, for more click here. For more on Amnesty's 50th and ways you can be involved click here.  ALL IS ONE.


Art for Amnesty founder Bill Shipsey helped to organize the 50th anniversary event.

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Hard Rock's 40th Anniversary Memorabilia Tour, Hard Rock On Wheels, has traversed the United States, from New York to San Francisco, Seattle to Orlando, carrying 40 (or so) of Hard Rock's greatest memorabilia items, bringing the "World's Greatest Memorabilia Collection" to some of the best cities in the country, sharing our love of music with anyone and everyone who would listen. If you live in Central and South Florida, you can catch the tour August 10-12 at Hard Rock Hotel Tampa, August 14 at Hard Rock Cafe Miami, and August 15-17 at Hard Rock Hotel Hollywood, FL. Check the Hard Rock Memorabilia page on Facebook for up-to-the-minute times.

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In recent years, between consumer awareness and the media, the spotlight has been on eating right and making choices for a healthier lifestyle. Well, let’s face it, Rock & Roll is about music, indulgence and having a great time. Keeping that side of our menu will always be there. But as consumer demands change, we have adopted a menu that will help to provide a better balanced offering of food for all kinds of people.

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08.08: On this day in 1961, The Edge was born. One of the most underrated guitar players around, we think that a lot of people take him for granted, not really realizing his immense contribution to U2's overall sound. From "Sunday Bloody Sunday" to "Mysterious Ways" to "Vertigo," Mr. David Howell Evans has put his stamp on each and every U2 tune. This is one band where every member is just as vital and important as the next, but, for us, The Edge edges slightly ahead of the other three in terms of awesomeness. This in no way, whatsoever, diminshes the stature of Bono, Larry, or Adam, but kind of just shows how much we loves a great guitar player. And we love that he took a name like The Edge. It's kind of like all of those single-named musicians out there (Madonna, Sting, Cher, Gilbert), but even better because he's got the "The" at the front, denoting that he is the real deal, that he ain't playing around, that he is one cool cat. Believe it.

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Fender Guitars and Filter Magazine set up shop in the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago's Angels and Kings Suite on the 36th Floor this year for Lollapalooza. Here's a look at some of the goings on in their suite the day before Lollapalooza lights up Grant Park for three straight days of music festival madness. Can't be in Chicago? Follow us on http://twitter.com/hardrock or watch the livestream on our Facebook page! To check out some videos of these goodies, go to the Hard Rock YouTube channel.

Here's OK GO doing an acoustic performance of their new single All Is Not Lost.


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This weekend, Lollapalooza is taking over downtown Chicago, bringing some of the biggest bands and performers in the world to one of the coolest cities in the world, and Hard Rock will be right there in the thick of it. Well, not exactly in the thick of it, but just a short distance from Grant Park (home of the aforementioned Lolla) is Hard Rock Cafe Chicago, and there is where you will find a plethora of music and good times post-festival, all weekend. From bands to DJs to surprise guests, the music will be going well into the night.

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Ambassadors from the Hard Rock Hotel Team volunteered to help "shine up" the Carousel on site at Give Kids The World in Orlando.  Give Kids The World Village is a 70-Acre, Non-Profit  "Storybook" Resort, located in Central Florida, where children with life-threatening illnessess and their families are treated to week-long vacations.  TAKE TIME TO BE KIND.



08.01: On this day in 1960, Carlton Douglas Ridenhour joined us, and the world of music would never be the same. Better known as Chuck D, founding member of one of the best groups ever, Public Enemy, he helped move music forward into territories that hadn't been breached since the heyday of '60s protest songs. By taking his anger at the status-quo and injecting it into hip-hop, Chuck, along with integral producers The Bomb Squad, DJ Terminator X, and sidekick/foil Flavor Flav, took the world by storm. Contrary to what some believe, Public Enemy was not gangster rap, but was, instead, highly political and highly motivated to better their community and themselves. Chuck D rocks. Hard. The man is one of our personal heroes and "Welcome To The Terrordome" is one of the hardest things our ears have ever heard. His and his group's influence on music, not just hip-hop, can be heard in the songs of metal-hop pioneers Rage Against The Machine, slam poet Saul Williams, insanely talented hip-hop band The Roots, and pioneering SoCal punk band NOFX. Happy birthday, Chuck!

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