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02.01: This day in 2004 is a day that will go down in infamy, as the day our fragile puritanical psyche was forever scarred, as the day our collective innocence was brutally taken from us, as the day Justin Timberlake helped Janet Jackson thrust her breast upon an unsuspecting world during the Super Bowl halftime show. Oh, our eyes! They're burning! Not boobies! How will we explain this to our children? We won't, of course. We'll keep them innocent and unready for the world. We'll just make sure to punish those who let this happen, those who broadcast this, those who might possibly think about broadcasting things we deem unfit for public consumption, whether it is or not, whether the public agrees with us or not, because no one should think about boobies when they're watching football and no one should be subjected to Janet Jackson's (Miss Jackson's, if your nasty) breast. We mean, just look at it. Who would want to see that thing? It's a symbol of the moral corruption of American culture, of the lengths to which we've let television and sports fall and fail, and of everything that is wrong with our society. Or it's just a breast! That's it. Nothing else. Yeah, we can't continue with the charade anymore, people. Sorry to make you think we'd gone all holier-than-thou on you, but we just had to prove a point. How did this "event" cause such an uproar in America? What's the big deal? We still don't get it. How do we celebrate, with football (which we love, BTW), humanity's inherent violence, but repress our inherent sexual nature, without which you would not be here reading this amazing post? This does not make sense to us or ever will. We wish there was a show that was on 24-7 just showing images of Janet Jackson's boob and amazing football plays. It'd be like ESPN with boobs. Wow, don't steal that. It was our idea first. Thank you, Janet and Justin, for revealing the absurdity and hypocrisy of American culture. That rocked and, after Prince's stupendous and awesomely awesome halftime show, will never be topped. Thanks for the memories, Miss Jackson.

01.25: Mark Wahlberg felt the wrath of litigious action on this day in 1994. Why is Mark Wahlberg in the Musings, you might wonder? Well, before his days as a movie star, he lived the life of a pop star, as the remarkably untalented Marky Mark. Remember? Yeah, we try to forget, too, but those sounds and images are burned into our brains, stained on our retinas forever. He had the hit song "Come On, Come On, Feel It, Feel It" (or something like that) and the other hit song that was a cover/redux of a much, much, much better Lou Reed song. Why'd you let him do it, Lou? Being the younger brother of one of the New Kids On The Block didn't hurt Marky Mark's career, as he opened for said boy band on their 1991 tour, helping to rocket his debut record, featuring his group The Funky Bunch, to the top of the charts. Which brings us to this day in 1994, when a woman claimed that she suffered injuries after being trampled at one of his shows, right after Marky had pulled down his pants, showed off his Calvin Klein tighty whities, and incited the prepubescent and disturbingly not-so-prepubescent crowd to rush the stage. We're really not sure whatever became of this lawsuit, but we don't think we'll ever forgive God or Lou Reed for unleashing (or this day for reminding us of) the "hip-hop" "stylings" of Marky Mark. Damn, now we can't get that song out of our head. BTW, whatever happened to The Funky Bunch? Come on, come on, feel it, feel it, Good Vibrations…

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Arrested Development, the Grammy award-wining hip-hop group, raised the roof at Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumpur to kick off the Cafe's 20th anniversary celebrations.

hard rock cafe tampa grand opening

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Recently, Hard Rock Cafe Phuket General Manager Shabbir Godil visited Pattanarak Foundation’s “Imagine There’s No Hunger” project in Kanchanburi province along the Thailand-Myanmar border. As part of Hard Rock Cafe Phuket and Hard Rock Cafe International’s World Hunger Year (WHY) initiative, the Pattanarak Foundation in Thailand was selected because of its progressive program of teaching sustainable skills to children and families in poverty stricken areas.

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01.18: To tell yet another little tale from the days of disco, we bring you the soaring and sad tale of one Studio 54, perhaps the most famous club in the history of NYC. Every time you watch a documentary about disco or about New York in the late '70s, you hear about Studio 54, about its bacchanalian days of sex, drugs, celebrities, and disco, about the hordes of people attempting entry into its maw, into its pleasure-filled space. Opened in 1977, the club became an immediate hit with celebrities, jet-setters, and ordinary people alike. When Bianca Jagger (Mick's then-wife) rode through the club on a white horse for her 32nd birthday, people wanted a piece of that, wanted to be there just in case they might see something like that, wanted to be a part of something bigger than anything else New York City had to offer at the time. Well, besides the rise of punk at CBGB in the West Village or hip-hop in the Bronx, but those are two entirely different stories, kids, and those two movements, which would leave far more of an impression than disco could ever dream of, received far less press and media attention than the drug-fueled insanity of Studio 54 and disco. Imagine that. Something real and based in human emotion being trumped in the media by a hyped-up, seen-and-be-seen, flash-in-the-pan party. But we digress. On this day in 1980, disco's beating heart seized and collapsed when the owners of Studio 54 were sent to prison for 3½ years, though they only served 13 months, for tax evasion. The club failed to survive their loss. They'd been skimming off the top for years, failing to pay taxes on much of the club's profit, and the IRS eventually came a callin', especially after Steven Rubell, the face of the club, repeatedly boasted in the press about how much money the operation pulled in. Not smart, Steven, not smart at all. The building was sold in 1981 and reopened under the Studio 54 moniker, but nothing could touch the debaucherous good times oft told about the original incarnation.

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Hard Rock Cafe Tampa, inside the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa, held their spectacular grand opening party this week, on January 12, 2011. The night kicked off with celebs partaking in the the Hard Rock tradition of the smashing of the guitars. To name a few from the guitar smash lineup: Tommy Shaw from Styx, Joey Fatone, and Hard Rock Cafe’s first ever waitress Rita Gilligan. (As always, a comparbale amount of guitars and musical instruments were donated to a local children's music program.)

hard rock cafe tampa grand opening

That six-string on the wall isn’t just a guitar and our "Legendary" isn’t just a burger! Made fresh, in-house daily and cooked using the finest ingredients, it’s a legend, and has been for almost four decades! Spicy Chipotle Pepper puree and topped with Jack cheese? Hickory Bar-B-Que sauce and smothered with caramelized onions? Or how about laced and grilled with our spicy Buffalo sauce and Cajun seasoning then topped with crumbled blue cheese and a crisp fried onion ring? No matter how high you like your burger or what you like it stacked with, we have the one for you!

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01.10: One more round of b-days for this week, as we celebrate the births of bad, bad Jim Croce (1942), infatuational Rod Stewart (1945), and battlefield-lovin' Pat Benetar (1953). If you threw those three into the Thunderdome, who would emerge the victor? No question, Pat Benetar. She's just bad, any way you look at it, and, believe us, we've looked at her every which way and loose. Whatever that means. They all rock, of course, but Croce's soft side (for which we heap much love upon him) would do him in and Stewart is too much of a dandy to really do any damage. Ergo, Benetar rules!

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hard rock hotel chicago angels and kings pete wentz black cards contest

On Janurary 20th, Hard Rock Hotel Chicago will welcome the newest addition to its gorgeous property, the newly relocated Angels & Kings Chicago. With a big grand opening party, featuring a special performance by Black Cards, this party is going to be capital F-U-N, FUN. The best part, though, is that you can be there. That's right, we're sending one person (plus a guest)* to Chicago for two nights at Hard Rock Hotel Chicago, giving 'em tickets to the grand opening party, tickets to the VIP after-party, and some spending cash. If you live in the continental U.S., we're also springing for airfare!

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Fall and winter months bring thoughts of the holidays and hot chocolate, but many Americans dread the year's coldest weather because they can't afford warm outerwear. For the 4th year in a row, Hard Rock Cafe New York participated in the Warm Coats & Warm Hearts Drive, which is organized annually by Good Morning America.

We just wanted to share this segment from Good Morning America, which aired today. We think it's great, especially because the New York Cafe was helped in its efforts by Hard Rock Cafe Atlanta, Hard Rock Cafe Atlantic City, Hard Rock Cafe Gatlinburg, and Hard Rock Cafe Myrtle Beach, who also collected coats for the drive. This speaks directly to our philosophy of "Love All, Serve All," which is a central tenet of everything we do and has guided Hard Rock from the beginning.

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